August 30, 2013


Doll Diaries is FINALLY having an American Girl contest! :

  This photo belongs to DD and shows everything that they are giving away.... to one person! That's a big haul! :) Anyways, go enter HERE!

Meet Lucy

Some of you probably have seen Lucy before... She was in my first stopmotion and a few of my posts.... but who is she?

  Lucy is my sibling's doll, which she got in 2010, after I got Elizabeth, but she wasn't too crazy about it, so I am basically the owner of Lucy now :). You'll be seeing from her a bit more these days since my sister gave  her to me.

Some photos?

August 29, 2013

School has Started!

OH NO! ;) After surviving my first week of school, I've decided it might be best to go onto a posting schedule. :)

  So, I will be posting on:

And weekends!

I will also be posting one Youtube video a week! I might not posting every day of the weekend, and I'll let you know when I'm gone. :)

Get ready for some exciting posts and videos!

August 17, 2013

Going away to a beautiful place.... :)

   I will be gone for the weekend (sorry :P I know I'm always gone) .... but I am going to film a stopmotion at the place I'm staying! It's so beautiful, and I'm very excited! You can feel free to enter the contest still, have a great day!

August 15, 2013

Live Chat with Basilmentos!

Did anyone else go to the Live Chat with basilmentos on her new video, Midsummer Magic?

I got there about 20 minutes before it closed, and it was really fun! There were soooooo many people all asking questions at once. She did answer one that I and a few other people had asked, though, and I thought that was really cool. :) Go check out her new video, 11 minutes of solid STOPMOTION!

August 14, 2013

My First Contest!

Girls, this is pretty monumental. My first contest!

  Now, I can't send out real physical prizes (you never know who would show up at my doorstep if I gave my address out :P), but there are some awesome virtual ones that I can give out! :)

 So this is my contest celebrating 26 followers since I started in January. My goal? 50 by the end of the year! I haven't been giving a full effort to my blog since I started AGTube, but I think some balance might be good for me. :) Expect some fun things coming up in the future!

What YOU Have to Do:

~ Create a video under five minutes about any topic. It can be a tutorial, a stopmotion, an AGMV.... whatever you like best. You can send me either the video itself at my email ( or drop a comment below with the link of where your video is. 
~I will be judging the videos on three things: 
-Quality (1 to 5 points)
-Plot a.k.a how well thought out your video is (1 to 5 points)
-Originality (1 to 5 points)
By the way, I could use a volunteer to judge with me! :) (You can't participate AND judge, sorry) 

What the WINNERS receive: 
Grand Champion ☺: You get to write the story for my next stopmotion! I'll post it on Youtube and mention you in the description. 

Reserved Champion (haha 4H :P): I'll put your button on my blog (in a prominent place where everyone can see it)!

1st Place: I'll give you a special shout-out (Saige'sLocketstyle)! 

Honorable Mentions (the amount depends on how many entries we get overall, one or two probably):  A guest post on my blog! 

Alright, folks, start your engines! The contest is going to end Sept. 2.

August 5, 2013

Did you think I was never coming back?

Here was are! :) You probably wondered if we had abandoned our blogs..... but we were at one camp for two weeks and then another camp over the weekend, then we were out of town..... and it was hard to find time to let you know that we were alive!

  But anyways, the summer IS almost over, which means school and not as much time to blog for most of us. At Saige's Locket, though, we are LESS busy during the school year! That means that you'll probably see a consistent flow of fun posts and videos on Youtube.

A recap of this wonderful summer:

I visited the AG Place and took pictures.
I got a new doll.
I started doing stopmotion.
I played with my dolls a lot more.
I got better at braiding hair.
I became the head of a collab blog.

Some of the great dolls that came out this summer:

(Well Clementine hasn't exactly "come out" yet)

Some of the great bloggers or AGTubers that I discovered this summer:

The Fellowship of the Dolls
The Salty's
(I'm sure there are others, I'm just at a loss right now)