January 31, 2013

He. He. He.

Oops! Sorry about the huge lull in posting. I got my brand new bunk bed into the doll's room, and I also made a cool upcycled (I got the idea from Doll Diaries) storage box for Saige's clothes! I had pictures of these things, too, but the camera is now lost. *Sigh* In other corners of my doll world, I have been debating getting a new doll. Now, I just got Saige a month ago tomorrow, and I am still very content with her and my other dolls! I'm just thinking ahead. :) I've been beating myself up because I didn't get Mckenna, and this year would probably be my last before she is out of my price range on the secondary market. I'm also really in love with Caroline, Josefina, and Chrissa. *Sighs again*

Well, anyways, hopefully the camera is found SOON!

January 26, 2013

Doll Room Makeover Part 2

Forget those little sticks I showed you. After spending the night sawing, sanding and gluing, my bunk bed is almost ready! It was out in the garage so none of the girls were brave enough to go out there and get their picture taken. That is, besides mini Felicity!

We just have to wait until the wood glue dries! Tomorrow it should be in my room.

Doll Room Makeover Part 1

I thought you might want to join me as I renovate my doll room! First there are some things to be said: This isn't going to be a major renovation, just making more space, and my doll's room consists of a shelf for clothes and my dresser which has their "beds" on top. Some pics:

 These are some pictures of the doll's room. I just put some extra scrap material (Lizzie's is a quilt I made) in the bottom of their boxes and the dressers are jewelry boxes.

This is the space where I keep all of my doll's clothes, which would be okay, except I can't find the outfit I'm looking for unless I search through all the boxes!

The dolls usually stay here during the day because there isn't a lot of standing space in their rooms, which is what I'm trying to fix.

Another view of the doll room. (Sorry for the awkward stick, that's for my upcoming project)

So let's do this one step at a time. First is the doll room. These sticks (above) are going to be used to turn two beds into one. Keep reading!

January 25, 2013

Saige Paints the Sky!

Well, Saige isn't really "painting" the sky, she's just in the sky. :P
Also, a review of Saige Paints the Sky, the book!

I'm really digging Saige (the character) right about now. She's thoughtful, and also really good at what she does: art. I've been to New Mexico once, and I can just imagine what it would be like to live there with the beautiful scenery. In this book, Saige has decided to take action and get an after-school art class. It seems to be moving a bit faster when she groups up with Dylan, Tessa and Gabi. They hold a protest, have an art time at Mimi's rehab center and even have a news conference! I'm not going to give anything away, but I liked how Saige found the strength to be brave for something she believed in.

  I thought this book was great, but it left a few loose ends that can't be tied up now. I also didn't like how quickly they skipped through parts like Saige's Birthday and the Balloon Festival. There were also only THREE pictures. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd rather have a book with no pictures than one full of them, but it surprises me from AG because they have such good artists. Anyways, I'd give it an A.

  It's also always been a dream of mine to write a book for American Girl. Of course I'll publish some of my own books, but it'd be so cool to have tons of girls read my work!

Plus, I've been looking at libertyjanepatterns.com and found some awesome clothes to get started on with my little sewing machine! Now all I need is fabric.

Oh, and one more unrelated thing: Harmony Club Dolls. I heard about them for a while on Doll Diaries (Char, the author, just got one) , and I was looking on their site. I found this one:
REDUCED PRICE, AARYN, DUE TO LIGHTER EYELID SHADINGSuper cute! Her name is Aaryn, they said she's discontinued because of lighter eyelid shading, and she's only $55 dollars. Who knows! Maybe I'll get her sometime.

Throwback Friday

I really enjoy Throwback Thursdays at Doll Diaries, so I decided to do my own (except it's a day late so I'm calling it Throwback Friday).  This week I'm going to show you the piece's of Elizabeth's collection I picked up the year she was retired.

L to R we have Lucy (not my doll) in Elizabeth's Tea Lesson outfit, Nicole in Elizabeth's Holiday Gown, Lizzie Gray in her meet outfit with accessories, and Saige in Elizabeth's Riding outfit. I missed out on Elizabeth's Cloak (which was my favorite :( ), her Nightgown and her Summer outift (It was only for a limited time in '06, I think). But I'm blessed to have the collection I do!

 First let's start with Elizabeth's Meet Outfit.
This is a GORGEOUS pink dress with so much detail! It's one of my favorites. The day I got Lizzie, I took out her hair and unfortunately someone threw away her box that had her hair ribbon in it. Oh well. She also had a shift (like a thin nightgown) underneath, but that disappeared after we stayed at a hotel and went to the AG Place. Again, oh well. She has cute little shoes with bows on them, as well as cotton socks. I love that she comes with her ears pierced!

Her accessories came with a little lace "pinner cap" (which falls off because it doesn't actually have a "pin"), a pretty cheap plastic fan, one pair of earring studs, two earring dangles and a pearl necklace. They add to the outfit a lot.

 Next is Elizabeth's Holiday Gown!

I absolutely LOVE this dress! The material is so soft and there is great detail! 
Now I said I loved the dress. But what about the shoes? If you ask me, they look like Aladdin's. There's also the bow  headband, which is OKAY, and a gold choker (I forgot to put it in the pic!) which is kinda tacky.

Elizbeth's Riding Outfit:

Totally Adollable! If you look close enough, you'll see that Saige is wearing Nicole's meet boots. That's because this outfit doesn't have any shoes at all! But it has three layers and a hat, so it makes up for it :).
 And last, Lizzie's Tea Lesson Outfit.
This is super cute and comes with a hat, slippers and the white little "shawl".

I hope you enjoyed this post, and here's a Caption this photo to mull over!


Be prepared! I have taken pictures for a whole smother of posts, so be looking for:
Throwback Friday
Doll Room Makeover Part 1
Saige Swapping
Doll Designs

Yep! I might have to post these throughout the weekend, but they're all ready!

January 23, 2013


Well, This isn't my giveaway, but Doll Diaries does them all the time!


These are City Girl dolls, and they're kind of like Barbie dolls, except that they're from Tonner Dolls, which means more value and more expensive. *gasp* I'm kind of thinking about expanding the kinds of dolls I have...... I really like the deluxe package Astor, and the normal one is okay. What do you think?

I Have Abandoned My Blog.

Well, it at least SEEMS like I've abandoned it. But I'm back! For now. The winner of the Guess It was Delaney! Here is your prize:

And the Caption That Doll picture goes to....... Nina! I thought her caption was super funny. Her is your prize!

I made this with Ribbet, a super cool online photo editor. I hope you enjoy and I'm coming out with new posts soon!


January 19, 2013

Wow! Stats

I have 500 pageviews! YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE! Thank you so much everyone! Also, thank you my six followers! I love your blogs! There should be another post up soon.

New Look

Well, I was totally IN LOVE with my last look, and then after the last time travel post (Which I decided I wanted to do more of), I decided that I would need a different look. So Thank you to Emma Meows from delightfulnessdesigns.blogspot.com for working on the new look!

January 18, 2013

A Locket Adventure

One day, Saige was sitting in the big fluffy chair reading "The Hobbit".
She looked up and started dreaming of what it would be like to live in Middle Earth.
When she looked back down, instead of finding her book, she found Gandalf!
"What are you doing here?" She asked, surprised. "Well, I've come to talk to you, Princess Saige."
"You must have the wrong person!" Saige gasped. "I'm not a princess." "And I'm not a wizard." Gandalf replied.
Saige looked down at her sparkly pink dress to prove the point. But it wasn't pink at all!
"What's happening to me?" Saige said. "I have brought something very special for you." Gandalf said.
"You must be mistaken." Saige said. "This is a pink chair, for crying out loud!"
But then she realized it wasn't a pink chair at all. "Where am I?" She asked.
"You must help us save Middle Earth." Gandalf said. "You must gather your elf army and use this key..."
"Wow, this is cool!" Saige said, grabbing the key and knocking Gandalf over. "But I'm not an elf." She made sure to feel her ears to prove this was true.
"Saige! Saaaaaige!" She heard her name, but it wasn't Gandalf speaking. "Huh?"
"There you are." Lizzie Gray said." Saige looked around. Gandalf, the key and the wooden shelf were no where to be seen, but she was wearing her fancy dress. "Why are you wearing my costume for the play?" Lizzie asked.
"Oh, no reason." Saige said. "Can we go see the Hobbit?"

THE END! Hope you liked it. I'm borrowing a camera that takes better pictures now.