May 31, 2013

May 30, 2013


Well, I posted my second stopmotion! My channel's name is LongliveNarniaAG. :) 

I get messages all the time asking "how do I get better" and "nobody watches my videos". I read a blog lately that had listed what you should say on peoples videos in order to get noticed but I think we should keep it real and be ourselves. This is our creative outlet and about sharing what we have learned and how we have improved with what we learn. Some of my earlier videos were so bad that I deleted them but maybe I should have kept them up to show you that we all started somewhere. I just tried to learn as much as I could by watching other videos and by trying to be original, I took photography lessons at school to learn everything I could about my camera, angles, lighting etc. There is always something else to learn and there is always ways in which we can improve our videos. It is not about being "popular" or "famous" it is about showing, in every new video, that you are learning and improving. Sorry a bit of a rant there :) it is just lately I have been getting so many messages from people because they are down on themselves about "not being good enough" and "not having many subscribers". All I can say is just keep working hard on your videos, practise your skills to get better and be on AGYT to have fun and enjoy yourself!

These words were written by Agoverseasfan (obviously not me :P), and I think that  these words are absolutely true! My friend was watching my stopmotion and she gave me some helpful tips about how to make my video better and slower: Taking more pictures! I could've gotten protective and said, "Well, maybe you should just try it yourself!" But every video is a learning experience. It's not about being popular, it's about enjoying yourself. So remember that. :) 

May 22, 2013

"Bad Summer!"

  I come up with the weirdest titles, don't I? But anyways, this is what I feel like telling summer right now. Your schedule is supposed to lighten up in summer, isn't it? Not my schedule! But I do have a post tha I just need to take pictures of.

  Now I think that it is time for a *little* rant, because I barely rant. And sometimes I find them kind of annoying, but other times you just have to. :P

  First of all, cameras. I want to take pictures like the one to the right:
(Photo belongs to

But I think that maybe to get quality like that (even if I tried my hardest with lots of editing) that you would need a camera other than a Point-and-shoot. Now don't get me wrong, I kind of like it when people are talking about cameras and saying "I have a Canon EOS Rebel" and I walk in and say "I have a Canon" "Yeah, what kind?" "Point and Shoot, duh" (Never happened :P), but I'm thinking about investing in a higher quality camera.

And the next (plus the last) topic is Doll Wardrobe. I love the Doll Wardrobe site, and they give away DOLLS, Great Gatsby! But, there is only one small problem. It's with the language, like substituting letters in cuss words. It kind of hurts me not to follow that blog, but I just can't stand for something like that, even if everything else is swell. *Sigh* Sometimes it's weird the effect one word can have on you, but oh well. I just wish they could stop doing that.

Alright, that's enough for tonight. 

May 19, 2013


My first stopmotion is on Youtube now. It is not as good as Agoverseasfan's videos, and it moves a little fast, but it was my first, and I worked very hard. And I am proud. :)

(Sorry I was having problems and couldn't put the video here)

  You would probably need to read the synopsis in the description box first.... it's sort of self-explaining but the end is kind of hard to understand. Tell me how you like it, and only nice comments please. I'm thinking about disabling comments altogether (from what I've seen on other accounts) but I'll give it a few days.

May 16, 2013

Ground Control to Major Tom

Hello, dear dollies and patrons. I have decided that today was the perfect day to post about a doll blog that inspired me, although I missed last week. Number two on the scale is:


Doll Delight is just a delight for any dollie lovers! ;) Beautiful photography, great hairstyles and crafts, and trendy outfits! Thanks so much Doll Delight for being.... well, for being awesome.

May 13, 2013

Saige almost DIED.

You know that beautiful freshly mowed grass look? Well, it's perfect for taking doll pictures. It gives you that summery feel, right?
So, I stood Saige up and walked around her to get a different angle. I had slipped on shoes that had not belonged to me in my rush, though, and they had bigger heels than I expected, and I knocked Saige's head. Her face was grinded into the fresh grass, and it had it's proper effect. Because vinyl does the same thing as jeans:

Historically not awesome. Thank you for these profound words, Iron Man. I quickly gathered towels and water-baking soda mixture. And then my fate was sealed.

So Saige did not die today.

May 12, 2013

Saige Brains

The other day, I went to the AG place. I established that a doll will be coming to my family in the very near future (Yippee!). I got Saige's Accessories and Caroline's Travel Dress. But the real reason I had gone to the AG store was to get a hair pick for Saige.

Saige is a very special doll of mine, the first with curly hair. It started to get frizzy, and I would comb through it with my fingers. I almost put a hairbrush to it once, (And I was a bit more encouraged to because in the Saige doll commercial her hair is combed with a brush) put I kept to what AG had said in her hair care tag: Don't use a brush.

But I didn't come home with a sparkly hair pick. Why? Well, I was at the checkout, and the cashier was about to ring up the hair pick when she asked me: "What doll do you have?" I told her the three dolls I had, and she nodded. And then she explained to me that it is actually better to use a brush on Saige, because it doesn't take as long. Interesting, isn't it? So all you need to care for a curly doll's hair is brush and a spray bottle (She said you should use water, too). All you do when you're finish is recurl it by twisting or with the handle of your brush.