The Dollies Backstage

Elizabeth Eowyn Cole 
The story: I got Elizabeth as a surprise birthday present in 2010. I had been working for my mom before I went to school for almost a year to buy this doll, but it turns out my grandparents and parents bought me the doll instead! Needless to say I was overjoyed. 

Favorite things: Elizabeth loves reading, cooking, and ballet. 

Pet peeves: When she is called a mother hen. She's just trying to help out her sisters, okay? XD

Fun fact: Although she is a grumpy girl by day, Elizabeth is secretly a ninja by night.

Marie-Grace Rue Gardner
The story:  I entered the short story contest in 2011 when Marie-Grace and Cecile came out, and I came up with a phenomenal story line. Unfortunately, I didn't get picked, so I saved up and bought the doll with my own money instead. 

Favorite things: Marie loves doing hair, playing with her dolls, and she also plays oboe. 

Pet peeves: Marie doesn't enjoy being around talkative people, because she doesn't have much to say back. 

Fun fact:  Although Elizabeth is the oldest, Marie is the most level-headed of the group. 

Saige Arwen Copeland

The story: I got to attend Saige's debut at the AGP, where I picked her up. She was really what got me more "in to" dolls, and she is the reason that I started my blog. 

Favorite things:  Saige loves volleyball, swimming, and singing. She is also the star actor in my new Youtube series. 

Pet peeves:  Saige hates it when her hair gets in her eyes... it's like little knives. 

Fun fact: She may or may not be my favored doll, but don't tell her. 

Hailee Rena Lininger

The story: I had been wanting to get #38, partly because of basilmentos. When I got to the AGP, however, it came to me that this doll looked almost exactly like my other dolls! So I went a little crazy and picked #46. 

Favorite things: Hailee loves the outdoors and rockclimbing, and for some reason she's a Pride and Prejudice fanatic.... 

Pet peeves: Girly girls and bad hair days. 

Non-AG dolls: 

Consuelo Januarie:

The story: I had gotten a Target gift card for Christmas and compulsively decided to expand my doll collection. I absolutely love the Hearts for Hearts brand and would really like to get Lauryce or Shola. 

Favorite things: Earrings and Pierogies. Don't ask. XD

Pet peeves:  She doesn't like being called the youngest just because she's the shortest. 

Fun fact:  Consuelo enjoyed ranting about her sisters in her native language so they couldn't understand her until they started looking up things on Google Translate. 

 Merida, Princess of DunBroch

The story: When I was in Disney World, I decided that I wanted to get a classic Frozen doll. Alas, Frozen was more popular than expected and they weren't in stock. I was going to leave empty handed when I came across this lass. 

Favorite things, Pet peeves, and Fun fact: Merida shares her characteristics with her animated counterpart. 


  1. Thanks! I really liked that one, too. :)

  2. I love saige and I have the outfit she was wearing in the photo. I also have the H4H doll najhi. The picture you took of consuelo wasn't the best.

  3. I love that picture of Saige, what camera do you use?

  4. I can tell that you like Lord of the Rings with middle names like that, correct? The names are really creative!!

  5. I love the picture of Saige (and I love LOTR!!). Have you considered the name Saige Piper? I think that would be really pretty.

  6. Izzy ~ Thanks for the compliment, and also the tip. I will root through my photos soon to try and find a better picture,

    Juliet ~ I use a Nikon Coolpix S3600... it's just your standard digital camera, but it has a great zoom and with some practice you can turn out some pretty awesome pics.

    Ella Ink ~ How did you guess? :) I'm basically a LOtR geek. And thank you!

    Grace~ Thank you for the compliment! It's oh-so cool that you love LOtR! I am definitely considering Piper as Saige's middle name, thanks for the suggestion!

  7. I love Hailee's coat! Where'd you get it? :)

  8. Your dolls are so gorgeous, and the photos are stunning ♥ you're such a talented photographer!


  9. Breathtaking pictures. I especially love Hailee's, Saige's, and Merida's, but honestly they're all just perfection. <3
    And seriously, you earn extra awesomeness points in my book for being a fan of LotR. It always feels great to find another Ringer! :)

    - Ellie


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