February 26, 2013

In the words of Gandalf, "This is that (day)."

  Yes, this is the day. The day when I finally think I have enough money. The day leading up to future days when I will finally make a purchase. A purchase from American Girl.

  So what should I buy? Well, here is the only thing I NEED:
Sparkly Hair Pick: $6

And what I want is a different story. But I will only list the things that I am willing to spend hard-earned money on. (No dolls right now, I don't think)

1.Saige's Parade Outfit
2.Saige's Accessories
3.The Easy Breezy Outfit
4.Caroline's Work Dress
5. Caroline's Travel Outfit

So let's tally the totals and make me scared.
1. $40 without tax or shipping
2. $34 (same as above, no t or s)
3. Also $34
4. $38
5. If I got both the bonnet set and dress, it would be $58. Yikes!

So...... wait....... AHHHHHHHH! Caroline has a mystery now! I am getting that at Barnes and Noble A.S.A.P. Anyways......

February 24, 2013


Sorry! I just realized I hadn't posted in a while. Anyways, Kathryn (or Del) at Echoes of Silence Designs made my beautiful new look! I love it! Also, yesterday I took a lot of pictures, then edited my favorites! Here are some of them.

I got a watermark! Also, I love seeing how my photography is progressing. I might be putting up a "Girls" page soon.

February 17, 2013

What a Great Day.

Hey everyone. It's Saige. And I hope you're having a better day than I am.

Why? This:
"What's wrong with it?" My mom says. "Don't you like green?" The color is fine, but the fact that I can't paint for three weeks? Not cool. And you're probably wondering why I'm in Marie-Grace's bed. This:
Yeah, a knee brace.

And why do I have these? Well, it all started out as a simple trail ride. Then something spooked my horse. And you probably know the rest of the story. We just got back from the Emergency Room, and although the pampering isn't bad, the facts that I can't paint, I can't go into my own bunk bed and mom won't even let me WALK around the room are making me sick. Well, I hope you're having a good day.

 Because I'm not.

Missed it by this much

Anyways, sorry that I forgot to post the winners of the Guess it! I was pretty busy this weekend. Anyways, Congrats to Courtney, N, and Elizabeth Mattice!

There you go! I hope you like it. Plus, I've just recently made my first edited doll! A lot of blogs do these, and they're called Create-a-Dolls most places. But anyways, here is my first test!

It's Caroline! But anyways, I think it would be really fun to make custom dolls myself! So here are the specifics if you want to order:

1.What kind of doll? GOTY, Historical, or JLY (Ex. Julie or Mckenna)
2.If it is a JLY, What number?
3. What color of hair?
4. Eye Color?
5. Shirt or dress color
6. Accessories (Ex. Glasses, hair barrette)

And also, this is another option. You can choose an American Girl Outfit, tell me the color you want, and I'll do that too.

Here's a version of the Easy Breezy Outfit!

I'm not exactly sure how to do braces yet..... but I can do almost anything else.

Dally :)

February 14, 2013

Ha ha!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
Saige and Lizzie are having a great one, and I hope you are too!

In other news, I was just checking on Dolldiaries.com and found a new post about AG releases! Yippee! There are quite a few, so I'll only share my favorites.

Caroline's Work Dress! Soooooo cute. I'm not crazy about the cow, but the dress is just perfect for historical play.

And the Easy Breezy Outfit! I love the mismatched patterns of the shirt and teal shorts! And the tennis shoes are adollable!

I hope you have a great day!

February 8, 2013

Guess it!

Well, I decided it was time to have another Guess It!

Send in your guesses by 2/15/13!

February 7, 2013

Downy Spritz

Well, Lizzie's hair has always bit a bit frizzy. A nice rhyme, isn't it? :) Anyways, I decided that I was going to give Lizzie a downy Spritz. This is like a Downy Dunk for you doll's hair, except easier. Here is a short tutorial.

Ugh. Frizzy, right? Anyways, I found this helpful post on Doll Diaries a while ago. I had done this spritz once before, but another was loooooong overdue. 

I didn't want her clothes to get anything on them, so I took them off and put her face down on a towel.
Put two tablespoons of Downy softener in a spray bottle and mix with water. You'll also need a doll hairbrush.
Make sure your bottle is on the spray option, but try to only get the hair with one spray (If you spray it more than once, the downy smell will be waaaaay to powerful).
Oh my goodness! Doesn't it look so beautiful! Also, I got some spray on my doll's arm, but it wiped off.

Looking so gorgeous in a half braid pony!

Anyways, this is totally worth it! If you don't have any Downy around the house and need to buy some, I suggest getting a travel sized bottle at a convienience store, because two tablespoons isn't a lot out of a big bottle.

Lizzie settled back in her wheelchair and ready for a lot more photography and fun!

February 3, 2013


Yippee! Go Ravens! I'm so happy that they won! Anyways I was looking up a photo to go along with this post and found this cheer-leading outfit on ebay. Cute! Anyways, I hope you have a great week and I'll try to post more soon! :)

Wheelchair and Glasses

You've probably noticed that Lizzie Gray is in a doll wheelchair and Nicole has glasses. Well, I got the chair for Christmas and the glasses at an AG store, and they're really just for play value, but I realized something.

 Lizzie's limbs ARE actually looser than my other dolls. Her arms are pretty tight, but her legs are kind of flimsy. There is also a really big gap between her head (probably from years of brushing)..... so I guess that means that she could actually use it. :)

Okay, I'm super in love with these little glasses! Nicole the doll has nothing wrong with her eyes...... but I decided that part of her profile is she's almost blind in one eye. But these are just super cute!

Anyways, kind of a weird post........ hope you liked it still. :)


Well, I've always watched the Super Bowl since I was young (unless something else was going on), and although I'm not a big fan of football, you have to root for SOMEBODY. And my pick is the Baltimore Ravens! Go Ray Lewis! :) My dolls wanted to get into the spirit too, of course, so I pulled some random pieces of purple onto Lizzie and Nicole, but I couldn't find anything for Saige! So I ended up putting an unfinished sewing project under her tank top. They raided the snack table and couch!

Here is Nicole and Saige with the guac and chips! :)

Lizzie Gray couldn't find any room on the TV tray, so she settled on the couch and grabbed the controllers! She won't be switching channels much, though.
It was really dark by the TV, but Saige wanted to pose with the Super Bowl screen. :)
And Saigey with the Ravens Logo.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

February 2, 2013

A quick post about one of my favorite things!

Yes, this is a post about hair. I love my doll's hair, but each one is a bit different. I'll put them in order from my favorite to least favorite (of the dolls I own). Enjoy!

1.  Marie Grace. Wait a minute...... this picture looks barely anything like Marie Grace! Her hair is a LOT darker than that, and so are her eyes. But anyways, she has awesome hair. It comes in a fun wrap-around braid style, which is gorgeous, but when I took it out I discovered that the parts of her hair up in braids were super crimped, and the ends were bent. This really annoyed me and for a while I thought her hair was the WORST. But now, a year after I bought her, I love her! I put her hair in many braids (fishtail straightens it out the best), and now her beautiful brown hair with a little gold is a dream. It's fairly long and silky smooth. Her pin curls are getting a bit fuzzy, but they haven't unraveled like Lizzie's have. Hair: A!!!!!

2. Next is my lovely Saige. She my first doll with curly hair, and I absolutely LOVE it! I'm kind of afraid to put her hair into styles, though, because I don't have a doll hair pick and I don't want it to get frizzy or unruly! If her curls are out of order, I just twist them (as suggested by Delaney) and sometimes brush the ends. Hair rating: A!!!

3.  And last is Lizzie. I love the color of her hair, yes, but it disappoints me. Her hair is all frizzy, and her pin curls are just about gone. I would have to give her a B+. She's still a great doll, though!

February 1, 2013

Oooo! Maru and Friends

Well, unfortunato, I still can't find my camera! But I was still checking out all the other blogs, and I saw this on Doll Diaries Here! They're giving away one doll, worth $110! I think Tanya is super cute. I'm going to search more tomorrow and can hopefully take my valentine's photos for this contest and this one. I'm super excited!