June 28, 2013


I feel like a frog stuck in the mud. :P But seriously, it's sooo hot here, I can't go outside to stopmotion without sweating buckets.

I did recurl Hailee's hair yesterday, though..... a very scary experience, but I didn't die. :)

So if I don't write for a while, then you will know why. It's because I'm boiling.

June 27, 2013


Has anyone seen the great new releases at American Girl? If you read Doll Diaries, you probably have..... but she didn't show us ALL of the releases. Here are a few others.

A really cute doll hoodie!

A really cute doll cap.... I kind of wish it wasn't red...

Absolutely adorable and over-priced shoes!

For girls in track I think this would be great! I really like it (even though I'm not very tracky ☺)

And the new cuties. I think a LOT of girls will be getting the top one, the bottom one looks a lot like #39 or a long haired #57 to me.

And I just had to share my favorite outfits from the release:

What is your favorite thing from the release?

P.S. I think one or two followers asked me if I had heard about Molly and Emily retiring. I have :(. I think I am going to get Molly's Skating outfit, her polka dot dress and maybe Molly herself during the year.

June 25, 2013

How #46?

Well, now that I have my dear Hailee, I want to tell you the story of how I decided on something so radical (I would've never thought about getting her before)!

I got to the store with two secret options in my head. I wanted to get either Caroline or #38. I had fallen in love with #38 by watching basilmentos videos. :) So I got there, and quickly assessed that I was going to go with #38. I found some of her boxes and opened them, one at a time, to pick which one I liked the most. A few of them had messed up bangs, but overall they were gorgeous. But something was still nagging me......

She had something alike with almost every other doll in my collection.

I quickly put the boxes back and rushed to the MAG case again. I needed a doll with dark skin, and one without blue eyes (all of my other dolls already have them). I was instantly drawn to #47, who had the Sonali mold and beautiful, straight hair. So I went looking for her box under a display. There were #46 and #47 right next to each other, and they looked almost the same because their hair was tied back. Did I want super curly or straight? I grabbed #46 and high-tailed it back to the cashier. :)

I LOVE HAILEE! Her hair is too short to do anything but a ponytail or bobby pin styles, but it looks STUNNING down!

June 24, 2013

Pt.2..... We're back!

Hey! It's Hailee again, with the second part of my video. :) Comment down below to share your thoughts!

June 23, 2013

Video time!

Wow, I can't wait to meet all you guys! My name is Hailee Raeann, the new doll here at Saige's Locket! It took us forever, but finally my introduction video is up and ready to be watched! Part Two will be coming along sometime this week, along with a photoshoot! Thanks to our seven subscribers! (I know it's not a lot, but it is a start!)



June 22, 2013


Sometimes I drive myself crazy. I'm sorry.

  But I've decided that there is going to be a big change on this blog coming very soon...... dun dun DUN. Remember that one week when I said I would try to post from my doll's perspective? That didn't really work out well because I only posted once. But I am going to try that again for a week, and if I get a good response I'll keep going. :) I am going to keep the name, though. Thanks for letting me rant *again*. I really don't like to, but sometimes I do anyways. :)

June 21, 2013

Two Ways of Saige

Hello, everyone! It's the lovely Saige. I was going to a soccer awards banquet, and my mom picked then to recurl my hair. Ugh, if only I had known, I would have run away!  She styled it two ways:

Woah, curl overload. :P First she split the curls into little pieces.

Then she combined some of them.

So which one do you like better?


June 19, 2013

Here we go again....

  Several things:

~ I have been working on my stopmotion for about 4 days now! It's the longest one I've made so far, but now I've run into a problem. Recording voice memos with an iPod just isn't working! Can anyone suggest a voice recording software that's free? I hope I can get it up soon.

~ I have recently been creating my doll's personalities, since they need them for AGTube stopmotions and things. Saige is the sporty one, Marie-Grace is kind of shy and into school, Elizabeth is just kind of a reliable friend, and she loves photography, and...... oops, I can't say that yet. :) The thing I'm wondering about: Should I have Elizabeth in a wheelchair or not? Maybe she could just use it sometimes.......

Thanks for letting me wonder. :P If you have any answers, please give them!

June 18, 2013


I forgot if my Awards page was still up.... :P

But anyways, Autumn at ODOT has given me two awards:

I was in the Sunday Dollpaper on the 15th.

And I was blog of the week.

Sorry that I forgot to post these sooner, Autumn. Thanks for the awards!

P.S.  I have been working very hard on two new stopmotions on my Youtube..... posting them very soon!

June 15, 2013

I have returned ALIVE.

I went to the AG store today, as many of you know. :) So fun! I can't tell you which store it was, but I can show you pictures of the inside!

Here's Lizzy in the car, decked out in the height of dolly style! :) It seems like I always take Elizabeth to the AG Store....

The view when you come into the store. 

The bubbly chandelier! I think almost all of the stores have at least one of these. :) 

The gorgeous Caroline in front of her parlor.... love that hair! 

Wow, that's a big balloon, Saige. Does it do anything? Uh, NO. :P 

One case of JLYs. Cute, and a lot that were on my wishlist were in there. 

 One of the new sets of doll earrings. I love those dangles! 
The Savanna dress for dolls... and girls. 

I think this tent would be a lot of fun. Camping, anyone?
Exclusive bags for both. :) 

Oh look, it's Lucy! She's much better dressed, though. 

Hey, Picasso. Don't you get tired just standing there?

A brief glimpse of Julie. 

There's that skiff. But where's the water?

You can barely see Kaya in that tepee.... or maybe it's just the glare from the glass. Do I see Rebecca's robe, too? :) 

Adorbs exclusive PJ's and that MINI COCONUT! 

I wonder if Molly and Emily are giving us their parting goodbyes yet?

Oh, well lookie here! Elizabeth photo-bombed Ivy's beetle! I wonder who would be the better driver of the two, they're both kind of young... 

Two pics of Creativi-Tees.

#49 and #17, all decked out with dogs. 

Elizabeth: "I didn't know they sold doll skateboards! 

Some more exclusives! 

Sporty girls.... I love the volleyball outfit. 

About new dolls: I'm going to leave you in suspense for a little while. Later something will come. :)