November 27, 2014

Linea Wren Lininger + Thanksgiving

Welcome Linea! On my birthday a few weeks ago, my mom gave me a used doll from ebay to fix up: and it's Lanie, the GOtY from 2010! I have always really wanted Lanie, and I'm so excited to have her in my collection. Now, I'm trying to make the decision of whether to get her a new head or a different wig... her current hair is very thin at the roots and dried out. So what do you think? Should I customize Linea, or just get her a new wig? 

And Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you guys have a great day with family! I'm thankful for all of my followers! Thank you for always making me smile. :) 


November 26, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things! *snowflakes that stay on my nose, etc*

My sister has been getting on me recently, telling me to post more, and the fact is that she's right. :P So, with her as an "accountability partner", I'm going to try to post once a week.

Here is a small list of blogs and Youtube channels that I have been obsessed with recently. (Okay obsessed is harsh)
 Studio C- Okay, so this isn't doll related, but these videos are seriously addicting. They're comedy sketches and are hilarious beyond compare.

The Salty Breeze

The Saltys (renamed the Salty Breeze)- This is one of my all-time favorite doll blogs. The three sisters: Chrissa, Elizabeth and Georgia, all super unique and super awesome!

Down By the Willows- Adelaide is my sister, and who can pass up some advertisement? ;) Anyways, Addy's blog is supah cool and she's the poet-introvert-super cool-tumblrlike type. This picture above is one that I stole from her Pinterest. :)
Dreaming in color's avatar

AGsmiless- Alexis of AGsmiless is a very talented AGTuber! She makes a series called Aspen Heights with her dolls that is *awesome*! Even Addy thinks that it's okay, and she despises dolls. XD  (Obviously this is not the best picture but I couldn't find anything else)

Now I'm exhausted... XD So enjoy!


November 10, 2014

The Thing About Names....

Yeah, so my creative mind has been going.

Crazy, right?

More like scary.

  But back to the point, I've been thinking about re-naming some of my dolls. Of course, this is super cool in some ways, but in other ways it's lame because then everyone is confused and you have to change all of your "marketing merchandise"... as in if I re-named Saige I would also have to re-name this blog.

Buts I'm going with it, so deal with ti. No, I meant with it. Deal with it. 

 Marie-Grace w/ hazel eyes and #35's wig.

Let me take a moment to freak out over this ah-mazing custom Marie-Grace (I don't know who did this but wow)...

Speaking of Marie Grace, I'm re-naming her.... *drumroll*

Dun dun-nu

*battle of the five armies happens*

*Doctor Who theme song plays*

*Death Star blows up*

Alberta Estelle Lininger

Woah, yeah, what a mouthful. But Alberta it is.

And now I need to go to bed.

November 7, 2014

Who am I?

So yeah, all of my readers know a bit about me:

*I love dolls. (what's that you said?)
*I'm the bookish type, and I love LotR.
*Photography is a hobby of mine.

But who is Dally really?

*I love the Lord with all of my heart.
*Writing stories is my passion, and telling them is a gift.
*I want to be a scientist.
*I'm left handed, and that's a lot different than being right handed.
*I'm kind of on both side of the spectrum: Science and math, reading and art.
*I play oboe, and making music is something amazing.
*I really wish that I was a hipster, but I tend to spend my money on other things than clothes.
*I'd rather be cold than warm.
*I don't have many friends... people probably just think I'm a big joke.
*Sarcasm is my thing.
*Addy. my sister at Down By the Willows is super cool and we do a lot of stuff together.

(insert pictures from Pinterest here)

Don't mind if I do.


Dance ♥

Couldn't forget one of these. :)