January 26, 2014

A Few Quick Updates!


  I forgot to mention this in my Giveaway winner post, so I thought I'd make an extra post to tell you.

   If Gracie does not contact me before January 31st, I will draw a new winner.

   Also, the Liberty Jane Clothing Design Contest ends today! This has me feeling giddy and checking youtube every other second... you know how it is.

  Be looking for a review on Isabelle by Laurence Yep sometime soon!


January 25, 2014

The Winner of My Blogoversary Contest!

Good Morning... er, Afternoon, everyone!

  Today, as promised, I am officially announcing the winner of my contest!

     So, I looked up a random selection generator and I found pickatrandom.com. It's super easy to use and very self explanatory. Then, I typed up each one of your names (along with an extra entry for those of you who posted about my contest on your blog) and they were automatically put into alphabetic order. I clicked a button that said "Thrill Me" and off we go!

  The Winner

Of the mini doll

Plus all that other awesome stuff


Don't you love suspense?


Congrats, Gracie! Email me at dally.lininger@gmail.com with your address and I will send the package! 

   I wanted to thank everyone for your sincere comments! It really gave me confidence to read all of your encouragement, and it also showed me what I need to work on! 

January 23, 2014

Giveaway Results on or after January 25th

Sorry that I haven't gotten around to posting the giveaway results! I'm just getting over a cold and tomorrow I will be skiing, so you can expect the results on Saturday or Sunday. I can't make any promises, but I'll try to get it done as soon as possible!


January 19, 2014

How To: Plan a Trip to AGP!

   I myself am not planning to go to an American Girl Place right now, but I know that sometime during the year I'll find myself there, and I wanted to give you some tips so that you can have an enjoyable experience.

Picture of AGP Chicago, tripadvisor.com

No.1: Plan Your Purpose

Are you going to the AG Store just to look around, or are you planning to buy something?

1. If you're going "just to look around" and already have some AG dolls, you should face the inevitable: You'll most likely leave with something. Set a limit on how much you want to spend, and then bring a little extra money for tax.

2. If you want to buy a doll, do some online research first. Make a collage of a few dolls that you're interested in, and then look at each one in person at the store. When I went to the AGP last year, my heart was set on getting #38, but when I saw her in person I wasn't in love with her anymore. You don't want to buy a doll just to buy one, but don't feel forced to stick to your plan.

No.2: Added Fun

Before planning your date, look at the Americangirl.com page on Store Activities. On particular days they will have crafts, deals, tea parties, etc. that come with a good dose of free stuff. :D

Also, if the AG Store that you are going to includes a bistro or cafe (only a few don't), talk to your parents about making a reservation. You don't have to eat a big lunch, they have snacks and afternoon tea options.

It would be my opinion to avoid the Hair Salon, just because I don't like to spend money for hairstyles that I can learn for free... but if you have a doll with pretty out of control hair or if you're not good at doing hair yourself, it might be fun to experience the salon. If you have questions about doll hair, skin and eye care, feel free to walk up to the counter and ask one of the hairdressers who isn't occupied about your inquiry.

No.3: Think holidays!

A great time to go to the AG store would be on your birthday... it would be a lot of fun to have a party at the AG Store! If you want to experience AG to the fullest, though, do not go to the store during the Christmas rush or when a new doll is released (this also goes for Grand Openings). From my experience, the stores are just so packed that you want to get in and out as soon as possible (don't forget LOUD!).

No.4: Extra Ideas

If you have a blog or Youtube channel, make sure to bring your camera/video camera. I personally love to see AGP vlogs, store tours and hauls!

 Also, if you have a friend who is in to AG, plan a get together with her at the store! If you both are interested in new dolls, buy them together! It's a very special thing to do with a great friend.

 If you have an older relative or grandmother who used to enjoy American Girls when she was young (Think mom, too!), she might enjoy sharing this special experience with you, since she had the same bond with her dolls when she was a child.

Do you have any plans to go the AG store soon? Also, my contest ends in two days, so remember to enter if you're interested! 

January 15, 2014

Ever After High dolls

I have never been a fan of Ever After High's slightly darker cousin, Monster High ( no offense to anyone who enjoys this doll brand... it's just not my "type" of doll)... I was really crazy about Ever After High, either, although it is a very creative idea. The characters are each the next generation of a legendary fairytale protagonist:

L to R: Briar Beauty (daughter of Sleeping Beauty), Apple White (daughter of Snow White), Raven (daughter of the Evil Queen), and Madeline Hatter (Daughter of the Mad Hatter)

The girls can either live in the "destinies" set out for them (therefore, Raven is evil, Apple White is good) or rebel and write their own stories.

  The four primary dolls were also released in a Legacy Day wave, a dolled up (thumbs up for the pun! XD) version of the originals, as well as a Getting Fairest wave, which features the dolls with different outfits and beauty accessories.

  Out of the first wave of dolls, the only one who really appealed to me was Madeline Hatter (the first name, "Mad"eline XD might've drawn me in, but I think it was that hair). I liked Raven because of what I'd heard about her personality, but she looks a bit too edgy for me.

  What got moi a bit more interested in these dolls was the second wave of characters. Mattel released three more of the dolls earlier this week.

  Blondie Lockes, the daughter of Goldie Locks, almost appealed to me... I love the skirt detail.

Cherise Hood (daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf) was probably the most popular release... I myself have no interest in her.

Surprisingly, though, I really like C.A. Cupid, daughter of Eros! I read the Toy Box Philosopher review on this doll... she really catches my eye with that sweet face. Who knows, I might get her.

  I'm excited because it looks like Captain Hook has a daughter... that sounds like such a fun doll! Anyways, are you interested in EAH?

January 9, 2014

Is Isabelle Coming Home?

With the new year comes a new GOTY, it's true. You might be wondering, since I bought Saige the day she came out, if Isabelle is in my possession as well.

  No, not yet.

  The dealio is, I have $120 dollars worth of Christmas money. Yes, that is enough to buy Isabelle. But Isabelle is not the only doll I have my eye on. There are three others. XD Yes, three. That does not mean that I am buying them all, but I can't decide which one I like best. There are these four:



S120, americangirl.com


Used usually ranges around $80-130, ebay.com

MAG #30

S110, americangirl.com



  There is another plot twist, though...

  I got a pull up bar for Christmas because I have never been able to do a pull up but have always wanted to. My dad, who it took a year to be able to do a pull up when he was a kid, said that he would give me enough money for a new doll if I was able to do one. I'm still working on that goal but I think it will be about the end of the year before I can achieve that.

  So now it's your turn to tell me: Which doll should I get now? Which doll should I get at the end of the year?

January 7, 2014

My One Year Blogoversary + A Giveaway

My first picture. The good old days.

2013 has flown by. I started my blog on January 7th of this year, and guess what? January seventh is today, which means my one year anniversary... I still feel like a greenhorn. XD

My old buddies... :') I started out with you.... I spent so many hours sending chats and emails to Delaney, asking her to design my page and how to post, etc. Emma from throughtheyesofadoll.blogspot.com helped me with my first stopmotion. I don't think I could've done it without them. AmericanGirl1972 and Janna-Mandy were some of my blog buddies who would always encourage me with comments. They've all left the blogging world. :(

  I have new friends, too, like Autumn, Jessica, and all of my buddies at the Pretty Little Dollies Collab (which is sort of on break)... I consider every one of my followers a supporter of my blog. Thank you so much.

You know, I only have 29 followers. When I first started my blog, I imagined 100 followers in the first year.

  I've learned that it takes work on both the reader's and the poster's part to make these things happen.

  So I'm content with what I have. I remember going crazy over my FIRST follower. I remember my first post.

  I can't wait for this upcoming year, along with Isabelle!

  Now, since Saige was pretty much the catalyst that caused this blog (it's named after her, is it not?), I thought a giveaway in her honor was only appropriate.

  I am giving away one Saige mini doll! That's not all.... the winner will also receive an InnerstarU bookmark and charm, a surprise gift, a duck tape doll purse, and the Meet Caroline paperback! 

  How to enter:

~ Get permission from a parent. (If you win I will need a physical address to send this to)

~You must be a follower of this blog.

~ Leave a comment down below telling me what your favorite thing about this blog is... as well as your LEAST favorite thing. Yes, I take criticism. :)

~ On 1/21/14 (that gives you two weeks to enter), I will draw one winner by random selection. There will be a post about the winner, so don't worry: If you win, you'll know.

~ You can get another entry if you share this contest on your own blog! Just comment down below to tell me that you did.

Let the Blogoversary contest begin!


January 1, 2014

Bittersweet goodbyes.

Last year, just around this time. I was at the American Girl Place. I had a Saige doll in my hands, along with two of her outfits. I was stunned by her beauty.

  In six days last year, I will have my one year anniversary.

  This year has been amazing.

  It's true, I've had troubles. I haven't done everything that I wanted to. But I started a blog. I joined a symphony. I made friends, and I lost friends.

  It's sad to say goodbye to a year that I held so dearly, but our time was given to us for a reason: We are meant to learn and grow. I did a lot of that this year.

  Getting a new doll? That wasn't what stood out in my mind. All the memories that I made with her are what I hold dear. Someday I'll grow up, and maybe I won't enjoy dolls anymore.

  But I will remember everything about my childhood, and I'll hold it dear.

Thank you, Saige, for the memories we've made.

  But more importantly: Thank you, God, for this year.

It's been amazing.

My personal favorite!