March 15, 2014

Dally Loves Awards

Yes, it's true, I love awards. Not to sound egotistical, of course. XD

  I was recently awarded the Liebster Award by Juliet, Izzy, and Autumn, so of course I couldn't pass it up!

Bam. Yeah, this thing has been floating around on about a kajillion doll blogs (literally XD), and it just so happened to float into my corner of the world. I did some research on it, too, which was interesting in itself, but I won't go into all of that until a bit later. For now I'll just answer the three sets of questions and then I will nominate and make up some of my own question.

Juliet's Questions:

1. What is the name of your blog? Why?  My blog is named Saige's Locket. There's really no deep reason for this, but I had just purchased Saige and wanted to include her name as well as some epic name. And so Saige's Locket was born. 
2. Why do you think you got this award? I'm not really sure why I got this award... maybe I'm just awesome. ;) *double winks*
3. Do you have the slightest idea what/who 'Liebster' is? (I don't) Liebster means "dearest" in German and it originated around 2008-10 (I can't remember XD) on a German blog. It was an award made for blogs with less than 250 followers, and then somehow jumped to 3,000 followers or something... details are a bit sketchy. 
4. Do you have, or would you make, any custom dolls? I don't have any custom dolls but I was seriously considering rewigging Marie-Grace... maybe I will. 
5. Would you ever dye your hair? I wouldn't ever... although I think that ombre tips are really cool. 
6. Night owl or morning person? I'm mostly a morning person but sometimes I can stay up really late. 
7. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and why? My real name is Dallyce (I know it's weird, don't ask :P) So Dally is my nickname, actually. 
8. Was it hard to pick 11 people to nominate? Wellll, I haven't yet, but I'm sure you'll hear about it. 
9. Least favorite book character and why. My LEAST favorite book character? Man, that's a hard one. *pants* I guess that my least favorite book characters were from the book Divergent... it's probably just because I hate that book with a strong hatred. :P 
10. Was it hard to answer #9? Why? It is hard to find characters I hate in books I like. XD
11. What job do you think you'll have in the future (for adults, what job do you have now)? Well, I'm seriously considering getting a science major.... I'll also be on the New York Time Bestseller's List (just have to finish editing those two manuscripts..XD), dancing en pointe for a few performances here and there, and co-directing my family's summer camp. 

Izzy's Questions:

1-Apples or Oranges? Ehh... If I had to pick I would say apples. 
2-If you had to move to Europe what country/city would you move to? I would probably move to Ireland or Switzerland. 
3-Who is your idol?  I don't have an "idol", per say, but obviously God has been the biggest influence in my life. Another inspiration is my dad, and in the doll world there is Basilmentos. 
4-Springfield or Maplelea? I really like Maplelea's Salia and also their fun outfits and accessories. 
5-If you had to give one of your dolls away, which one would it be? Err, sad to say it would probably be Marie-Grace... though I love her I am least connected to her. 
6- What is your dream car? Model T, folks. XD
7- What would you re-name Saige GOTY 2013? Piper, most likely. 
8-If you could travel back in time what time period would you travel to? That's too hard! :) I would either travel to 1918 (Regency era buff.... well, maybe it's just Mr. Darcy XD) or to late B.C. early A.D. Middle East, when Jesus was born! 
9-Do you have any siblings? If you do how many? I have one sister. 
10-What is your favourite cake flavor?  Mmm, red velvet. 
11-What is/was (if you are an adult) your favourite school subject? Science hands down. 

Autumn's Questions: 

1. Worst food?  Green Beans
2.What's your favorite sport?  Volleyball and Ballet (if that counts) are the only sports I play, but I used to love soccer and figure skating is so cool. 
3. Chocolate or Ice Cream?  Ice Cream. 
4. Dog or Cat? Dogs, although cats remind me of Loki so cats too. XD
5. Strawberry or Mango? Strawberry. 
6. Introvert or Extrovert?  Most people probably think I'm an introvert since I have a blog, I'm homeschooled, etc. but if you get to know me I'm pretty extroverted. 
7. Favorite Season? Fall or Summer. Winter is a close second.
8. If you could change something in the world, what would it be? I would erase sin. Yeah, that would be nice. 
9. If you discovered/invented something amazing that made you famous, what would you do?  I would use my fame for the better. BETTER. I would speak up about what I believed, and I wouldn't conform to the world's standards. 
10. Favorite Hair Accessory?  Bobby Pins. XD
11. Converse or Vans or Keds?  Galaxy print Vans... I think I'm obsessed. 

Thanks you guys! Now, it is time for the nominations: 

Jessica at Melody and Me (I wasn't sure which blog you are using now...)
Meghan at Girly Doll Type
Christina L. at Simply Dollightful
Samantha at Forever American Girl
Tangled Fan 2013 at A Dolly a Day
Claire M. at Carrot and Claire 
Marie-Grace Cole at AG Doll-icious
Mika Vall at AG and Photography
Amaya at A Site All About AG Dolls! 
Danielle at American Girl #1 Fans (I haven't seen any posts from your blog lately but if you're still around...)
Chloe C at Sweet Nokia Street
Meg at Six Dolls, Six Times the Fun!
Hannah Harper on One Crazy Space
Flower at Molly and Me
Breck at the Dolls of Snickerdoodle Brook
Asmita (I can't find your blog name >:( Sorry about that) 
Maria at AG Katie's blog
Dollygirl at Dollygirl's Treasures
Nina at Dolls and Other Awesomeness
and AGMarket;)

Yup! Here are your questions: 

1. Do you sew? 
2. One or two of your favorite books
3. If a frog walked up to you and licked your shirt, what would you think he was thinking?
4. Do you like pink? 
5. What would you grab if your house was on fire?
6. Do you enjoy photography? 
7. What are you best at drawing? (The better question: can you draw? XD) 
8. Do you have any allergies? 
9. Are you a science and math girl or a reading and writing girl (or both, like me)? 
10. What do you like about yourself? 
11. Would you rather dress up or wear sweats to the prom? 

So obviously these questions weren't doll related, but I wanted to make sure the blogs above who don't like dolls could still answer the questions. 

Ciao for now! 



  1. I was laughing, when you said about the Model T lol! thanks for doing it! :)

  2. Thanks for answering! I didn't know your name was Dallyce, I really like it :)

  3. Thank you so much for tagging me!

  4. Autumn ~ :P Thanks for nominating me!
    Juliet ~ Thanks! :)
    Nina ~ You are so welcome!


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