June 29, 2014

The Doll Rush

You've probably heard that American Girl is retiring four dolls as they prepare to release the new "Beforever" line.


Yeah, I'm not too happy about these changes, and I'm not sure that I've met many other people other than the designers at Mattel who are happy about it. Mattel is retiring all of the BF dolls as well as Marie-Grace and Cecile (but we saw that coming, didn't we? They never sold well). It sounds like this is kind of a last reach thing to get younger girls into the Historical Line. I think that they're going to be doing a lot of changing and downsizing.

We come to the question that a lot of collectors have been asking: Is the true vision of AG dead?

  If the title doesn't make sense to you, don't worry. I'm getting to that.

Whenever AG comes out with a limited edition doll or they announce that they are retiring a doll, do you get that sudden urge to buy? I have had my eye on Ruthie for quite a while, and when they announced that they were retiring her, I started making plans in my head of how I could save up enough to buy her A.S.A.P. But I hadn't been so zealous to buy her until I knew that she was being retired. She didn't barely cross my mind before! I don't know... I just wanted to give you some advice. Don't buy a doll just because it's retiring. Buy a doll because you think that it's something that you would use, and something that would improve your collection.

So, tell me: What do you think of this new line?



  1. eh, personally i don't really like it, but that's just my opinion :)

  2. I don't like the new line at all! AG is just doing it for the money. :(


  3. I totally agree! I had always wanted Molly, even before anyone suspected retirement, but I got her two weeks before the dreaded announcement. But then I suddenly wanted Emily, though I had never thought about her before. I don't know, retirement messes with your mind somehow.

    I don't know how I feel about Beforever yet. I'm interested to see how it plays out. It could be awesome, like the 2010 MyAG revamp, or a horrendous disaster like the Bitty revamp.

    Have a great day!:)

  4. Like you I am not thrilled with the concept so far, but am still looking forward to seeing what they unveil. Also like you I recognize the "retirements" and "archivals" as nudges for consumers to "buy before it is gone." That being said, I have not bought a new doll, but I have been buying accessories and outfits before they are no longer available in their current incarnation. I have kicked myself in the past for not getting items and having them disappear, so now I am trying to stay ahead. Recently I added Rebecca's accessories. I love the hat and the "pin," but was disappointed at how stiff the shawl material is and that the pin is not really pin. Of course, a pin that small might be hard for anyone to use without sticking oneself. :-) Overall, I do feel that Mattel AG has pushed Pleasant AG's mission statement as far back as possible.

  5. I know, it's crazy! I don't even shop there anymore because of that and the super high prices!

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