August 14, 2014

A Summer Day

Hey! It's Saige. So today, while Dally was at volleyball practice, we had some fun.

Which basically means lying around with nothing to do. 

 Shola came in to the room and looked at us, sprawled out on the floor. "Do you want to go outside?" She asked.

 "I'm okay," Lucy said, "Too much work." 

I stood up. "I'll come with you!"

"Soooo, what do we do in the 'great outdoors'?" I looked at Shola.

"We could climb a tree." She suggested. 
"Yeah, there's one over there!"

"Wow, it's beautiful out today!" Shola muttered. 

I nodded. "Yeah, it really is!" 

Shola stood at the base of the tree for a moment, then started to climb. 

"Be careful!" I shouted from my safe position on the ground. "Don't hurt yourself!" 

"Come on," she laughed, "it'll be fine!" 

So I hoisted myself onto the lowest branch possible and looked at the ground.

"I-it's a long ways down!" I called in a nervous voice. 

"It's safe!" She said. "Just don't let go of the branch!" As she said this, I let go of the branch to pull a strand of hair out of my eyes. 

"Ouch." I closed my eyes for a few moments and listened to Shola jumping from the branches to get down.

"Are you okay?" She asked as she came over. 

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said and grabbed the hand that she offered, pulling her down into the soft grass.

So, even though I fell out of a tree, today was okay because I got to spend time with my lovely sister! 

What do you do on summer days? 


  1. Cute photos. I love them.

  2. Aww, I LOVED this post! Keep up the awesomeness <3

  3. Cute photo story! Beautiful photography. :) I love to spend time outdoors with my dog during the summer.

    ~ Mint


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