January 21, 2015

What Other Than Dolls? I

So, everyone knows by now that I looooove dolls, right?


But obviously the dolls do not make the girl (I can't think of anything better to say), and there is something that a do a lot of on a regular basis:


Yes, I love, love LOVE to read! I have a few awesome books that I've read recently that I think you guys might enjoy!

I: The Ashtown Burials Series by N.D. Wilson

Wow, this series is just like... in your face, for lack of a better term. I just finished Empire of Bones, the last book of the series, and it was powerful. The story follows Cyrus and Antigone Smith, two kids who's father has died and whose mother is in a coma. They, along with their older brother Dan, struggle to run this broken down motel, until this mysterious and sort of weird dude called Billy Bones shows up and turns their lives around. The story is set in the 60's, but you definitely get a steampunk-explorer vibe. Just amazing, so you should read it now. 

II: The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson

I'm not exactly the touchy-feely sort of person (Adelaide can attest to that), but these books hit me right in the gut. The Warden and the Wolf King is the last of the four Wingfeather books, follow three awesome kids who live in a world with things other than humans: stuff like sea dragons and half-lizards. These kids figure out that they're not so ordinary (I don't like to spoil things either so just trust my word when I say you should read these books even though my descriptions are lame), and Andrew Peterson uses his literary genius to whip up amazing tales. There are also some amazing Biblical parallels in there.

III. Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff

It's been a year or two since I read this book. I heard somewhere that there was a movie about it, but I don't need a movie because the pictures of this book are engraved in my mind. Hollis is a girl without a family. She's rough around the edges, she can take care of herself... and then she finds this place where she really belongs, and she thinks that they want her to leave. This book is really touching too. So read it. 

Yuppers! There you go. Hopefully there will be something doll-related next post. 



  1. Those sound like some awesome books!....I really need to go to the library :)

    1. I only suggest the most awesome books for my readers! XD Thank you.

  2. must go get.must go get.must go get.must go get.must go get. no really, I'm driving to the library already.

    1. You need to, these books are honestly amazing. Go, fight, win! XD

  3. Awesome! I haven't read those yet, but I'll had them to my reading list. I love to read, too. I'm currently reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It's amazing!

    1. That's awesome! I started the Book Thief earlier this summer, and the part that I read was ah-mazing!


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