September 20, 2013

Let's Mix It Up!

   Ah, another series. Those don't work for me too well. ;P

I am going to try to stay true to this series, though! We are going to be talking about different doll brands (than American Girl). They might be 18" play dolls or collector's dolls, but we love them all!

You can feel free to send in a photo of your favorite non-AG doll, and we'll feature it! Let's Begin.

This is how the set up is going to look (This is also today's post ☺):

Today's Doll: Pullip

(This photo belongs to
A little Wikipedia history:

Pullip dolls, from South Korea, are 12 inches tall.  They have so many points of articulation and their eyes can be moved by a lever in the back of the head sideways, up or down. Up to date there have been three "Types", which basically means that the body mold or articulation were changed due to malfunctions. There are over 100 different types of Pullip dolls out there, and a few different character lines. 

Where can you buy them? 

It looks like if you want to go back to the source you can go to, but I would look for an American retailer if you don't want to pay so much shipping. looks like a trustworthy U.S. site. 

Do you have a Pullip doll? 

ZingGinger makes great Pullip stopmotions! :) Check her out on Youtube (she also has a LOT of AGs).

I will do these posts about once a month. :) 



  1. Can I send in a photo of my favourite non-ag doll? Mine is Jubilee from Vision Forum. I own her, and can send in a pic if you want, as well as information and a link, just where abouts do we send them in? Do we email them to you, or comment or what? Please let me know, because I would love to do this!

  2. P.S. Thanks for using what I assume is my idea, from the 'what do you have to say?' page of your blog. I'm honoured! Please have a look at my blog, and maybe follow? It would mean a lot to me, because I really look up to you and your blog!
    My Blog:

  3. Ah awesome post!! Lol sorry this post is like 2 years old but I just clicked on a random one :P I love the 'Let's mix it up!' idea :) I so want a pullip and am hoping to get one =)
    Also i've nominated you for an award on my blog :)


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