November 25, 2013

My Thoughts on Isabelle

  It's that time of year again!
   Doll Diaries has released the above photo from an ebay listing... the GOTY 2014! Now it's time for opinions to be made, as well as guesses for future parts of her collection.

  We thought we'd get in on the fun! So here is Saige's Locket's opinion of the GOTY 2014:

  Of course, the pictures of Isabelle are not high quality, so I am not certain about her looks... but she is disappointing. I think that she is too main stream, considering all of the different face molds, hair and eye combinations and story lines that AG could've picked from.

  She looks a lot like MAG #27 to me.

  Char (DD) mentioned that Isabelle's hair was "ombre", which I'm guessing means that it kind of changes colors from top to bottom... I don't see it in this picture but it ought to be interesting.

  Also, it's been said that there will be THREE books for Isabelle instead of two, which would be a welcome change.

  Basically: Dance is not the only promising story line. Since this is a "sports oriented" GOTY year (it alternates between sports and creativity, usually), what about soccer, tennis, VOLLEYBALL, basketball, softball, track.... guys, the list is a bit too long to pick the same theme twice. Marisol was a dancer. Mckenna was a gymnast, and gymnastics is sometimes very closely incorporated with dancing.

   So what I'm saying is: Get some real issues, American Girl. Your dolls these days are based on the majority of what young girls want... in the merchandise area. I know, you're a company and you need revenue to keep making products... but I think all of us would still buy if you went along the lines of unique. Kanani, one of the most unique dolls I've seen is one of the most wanted dolls on the secondary market!

  Also, the stories. Saige was distraught because her school was alternating between art and music... Well, my school doesn't have either of those programs, and I've still survived! Think about Kirsten: her best friend DIED. Think about Kaya: She was KIDNAPPED. Samantha had to deal with issues around her such as hunger, poverty, and child abuse.

   Okay, I'll stop before I get too overworked. :)

   I still have hopes for this GOTY, American Girl. Don't let me down!


  1. I'm still not sure if this is the real GOTY or not yet. I'm waiting until we get official stock photos. Besides, her meet outfit is a bit boring.


  2. Mika- I agree. I really hope that this ISN'T the GOTY 2014.... and her meet outfit is really boring. :(

  3. Me too. She's not really that appealing in her meet outfit, and this blog got her off ebay:

    I mean, I think its just her pictures that make her look so good.

  4. I saw those pictures and they ALMOST changed my mind about her... it all depends on if she has green eyes or not, I'll have to see her in person!


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