November 27, 2013

Black Friday sales!

Yippee for Thanksgiving break!

  Tomorrow we hope to post something Thanksgiving-y, but today we're going to give you some heads-ups on Black Friday dolls sales! I think I might wake up at twelve and do some online shopping at AG. :D

   * American Girl has GREAT sales on Black Friday, and they also sell some retired items (extra stock, I think) at great prices... but you have to be there early if you're going to get anything good!

*The other sale I know about is at A Girl for All Time... I was really considering getting one of these dolls but the price isn't very sweet going down... Black Friday and the week after they are having a sale of 10% off and free shipping... maybe Matilda will make her way to me on Christmas! ;)

Matilda, Your Tudor Girl™                                                                     


  1. Cool! Hehe, I'll be at the mall for clothes then : )

  2. American Girl doesn't have sales on black friday. They have them on cyber monday.


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