April 27, 2014

Shadowfax, The Lord of All Horses

Forgive the title, my sister is watching The Two Towers as I type and I couldn't help it. Just so you know, we didn't fall off the planet. We have entered into the realm of Mordor, and Gandalf would have a thing or two to say if he saw us (in other words my life is super busy with school etc. right now XD). I just wanted to let you know that I haven't quit and I'll try to conjure up a post soon.

  I have been taking more care of my youtube channel, LongliveNarniaAG, because I really enjoy making stopmotions and the Youtube community is just plain fun. Obviously I'll need to balance things out, but I do only have 13 days of school left. :)



  1. can't wait :) my YT is Onedolloutthere.

  2. Can you hug your sister for me, just because she's watching LOTR?


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