May 12, 2013

Saige Brains

The other day, I went to the AG place. I established that a doll will be coming to my family in the very near future (Yippee!). I got Saige's Accessories and Caroline's Travel Dress. But the real reason I had gone to the AG store was to get a hair pick for Saige.

Saige is a very special doll of mine, the first with curly hair. It started to get frizzy, and I would comb through it with my fingers. I almost put a hairbrush to it once, (And I was a bit more encouraged to because in the Saige doll commercial her hair is combed with a brush) put I kept to what AG had said in her hair care tag: Don't use a brush.

But I didn't come home with a sparkly hair pick. Why? Well, I was at the checkout, and the cashier was about to ring up the hair pick when she asked me: "What doll do you have?" I told her the three dolls I had, and she nodded. And then she explained to me that it is actually better to use a brush on Saige, because it doesn't take as long. Interesting, isn't it? So all you need to care for a curly doll's hair is brush and a spray bottle (She said you should use water, too). All you do when you're finish is recurl it by twisting or with the handle of your brush.


  1. I always thought that you should use the hair pick, but now I guess I can use that for Lanie. I'm so happy that you are back from your break, this is one of my favorite blogs ever!

  2. Thanks so much, AmericanGirl1972! I was super surprised about that, too!


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