May 22, 2013

"Bad Summer!"

  I come up with the weirdest titles, don't I? But anyways, this is what I feel like telling summer right now. Your schedule is supposed to lighten up in summer, isn't it? Not my schedule! But I do have a post tha I just need to take pictures of.

  Now I think that it is time for a *little* rant, because I barely rant. And sometimes I find them kind of annoying, but other times you just have to. :P

  First of all, cameras. I want to take pictures like the one to the right:
(Photo belongs to

But I think that maybe to get quality like that (even if I tried my hardest with lots of editing) that you would need a camera other than a Point-and-shoot. Now don't get me wrong, I kind of like it when people are talking about cameras and saying "I have a Canon EOS Rebel" and I walk in and say "I have a Canon" "Yeah, what kind?" "Point and Shoot, duh" (Never happened :P), but I'm thinking about investing in a higher quality camera.

And the next (plus the last) topic is Doll Wardrobe. I love the Doll Wardrobe site, and they give away DOLLS, Great Gatsby! But, there is only one small problem. It's with the language, like substituting letters in cuss words. It kind of hurts me not to follow that blog, but I just can't stand for something like that, even if everything else is swell. *Sigh* Sometimes it's weird the effect one word can have on you, but oh well. I just wish they could stop doing that.

Alright, that's enough for tonight. 


  1. To top part - Nah, it's the photographer, not the camera :) You just need to have great focus and lighting :)

  2. :) Thanks for the tip. I might get a camera anyways, because the one I'm using isn't actually mine. :) What do you suggest getting?


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