December 1, 2013


  Okay, Angelique is totally right... the American Girl Sale is TOMORROW on Cyber Monday, not Black Friday. *facepalm* See you at midnight tonight! >:)

  Okay, I'm going to share some of of my new blogger <3s! These are new blogs that caught my eye.

  Some of my new finds...

Melody & me (I hope you don't mind if I used your header to promote your blog, Jessica!)
   I was really surprised at Jessica's creativity! She posts very frequently and all of her blurbs are clever and concise. She doesn't have an American Girl... yet! She is hoping to get #56, and she currently has a Vision Forum doll. named Melody. Check her out!


SodaPopStreet Studios Official Blog

This girl is TALENTED! You can find her on Etsy, Youtube, Instagram, and of course, Blogger! Originally known as MyInnerStarUStudios, she has really branched out! You can check her out at:, and  I think it's really cool that she got most of her dolls from the American Girl Charity Benefit, since she lives in Wisconsin (close to AG headquarters).


  I LOVE Doll-icious! This is the title of her recent photoshoot (so gorgeous!) ^^^^^^^  and she has ELIZABETH! XDDDDDDD  You can find her at she was also featured on the Picks of the Week for Doll Diaries! I can't wait until Nicki comes home from the doll hospital!

(Disclaimer: All photo rights go to the individual owners of the blogs and credit has been properly given... I'm advertising THEM, after all!)

See you soon! :)


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  1. Thank you soooooo much Dally for featuring my blog!!!!!!!!! I'm actually thinking of getting Isabelle now, but 56 is still on my list!


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