December 15, 2013

Falling for Isabelle XD

  Yeah, yeah, I remember. I posted my thoughts on Isabelle, and I was pretty angry with American Girl. I still think that they could do better. I still think that they need to up the anti.

   I think it's Dolly Dorm Diaries'  ( beautiful photography. I think it's those green eyes that I hadn't noticed.

But can you resist this face?

Yeah, I still think she's a bit original, and I'm not sure if I'll get her, but I LOVE those green eyes. I think the pink hair is pretty awesome, even though I dislike pink. XD

(N at got these pictures from Dolly Dorm Diaries, and I got them from her)



  1. She's really pretty! But in my opinion, she's a little unoriginal and looks to much like Lanie. I will defenatly get her mini though, and maybe her shirt for me!

  2. She's gorgeous! I'm saving up for her right now, actually. I'm going to re-name her though. Her name will either be Carmelina Anne, Suzanne Erin, or Kathleen Emelie. Which name do you like best??

  3. Amaya~ I do, too!

    Nina~ I agree! I read your post on Isabelle's collection, we pretty much have the same view on her. I do LOVE her coral sweater, though (one in my size, coming right up!)

    Jessica~ I am so excited for you! I think Carmelina is such a unique name... and fun, too!


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