January 9, 2014

Is Isabelle Coming Home?

With the new year comes a new GOTY, it's true. You might be wondering, since I bought Saige the day she came out, if Isabelle is in my possession as well.

  No, not yet.

  The dealio is, I have $120 dollars worth of Christmas money. Yes, that is enough to buy Isabelle. But Isabelle is not the only doll I have my eye on. There are three others. XD Yes, three. That does not mean that I am buying them all, but I can't decide which one I like best. There are these four:



S120, americangirl.com


Used usually ranges around $80-130, ebay.com

MAG #30

S110, americangirl.com



  There is another plot twist, though...

  I got a pull up bar for Christmas because I have never been able to do a pull up but have always wanted to. My dad, who it took a year to be able to do a pull up when he was a kid, said that he would give me enough money for a new doll if I was able to do one. I'm still working on that goal but I think it will be about the end of the year before I can achieve that.

  So now it's your turn to tell me: Which doll should I get now? Which doll should I get at the end of the year?


  1. Hard choices :( No fun. I'm in a similar sort of situation, but mine really depends on weather or not #61 (have you seen the spoilers?) comes out by the end of the year. For you, I vote for Mia now, because of her unique freckles and because she's just so cute ;) But, I do have a suggestion for how to buy her: wait for the "summer slump" on eBay- that's when prices go down because it's the middle of summer and there's no major give-doll-to-someone-type holidays. You can get doll for a better price then, I have gotten all of my TLC dolls for $50 BIN each during the slump (minus Lindsey, who was $70, free ship). It might not effect Mia as much, as she is more collectible, but it never hurts to see :) After her, I suggest #30, I like the Jess mold and she is rather pretty besides. If you really can't pick (even with lists, Pro's Cons, ect.) then get Izzy and sell her later if you don't like her. That's what I did with my Mckena- we never bonded so I sold her. In the end, I got to have a new doll for a few months and made $70 by selling after she retired (I could sell her for more, had I waited until now, but I'm not into waiting . That, and the Secondary market in unpredictable, maybe tomorrow eBay will be flooded with $70 BIN NIB Kanani's ;) Sorry for such a long comment (can you tell I spend a lot of on eBay?).
    Wishing you the best of luck with your choice,

  2. I think you should get Isabelle now. There's a chance that she'll be sold out by the time you make your goal. I think you should get Mia towards the end, but that's just because I'm absolutely in love with Mia.;) Good luck achieving your goal; I know you can do it!:)

  3. Ooh, that's tough. They are all really pretty!

  4. Juliet~ I saw #61 on agoverseasfan's channel, she is stunning! You should definitely get her. :D I never knew that there was a "slump" in prices during the summer, and I'm pretty much obsessed with Mia, so maybe I'll wait a bit.

    Nina~ That was what I was thinking, too.... thanks for the encouragement!

    Dollygirl~ I know. *hits head against keyboard* It's too hard to decide!

  5. Dally- I know! I was going to look for a Felicity, but dark green is so much better than Laser Eye ;) Plus, her hair is prefect for styles, center part and long. Her competition is GOTY 1015, obviously I'll have to wait until we get spoilers before I decide. *sigh* I hate waiting :(

  6. Juliet~ I'm really sorry, but 1015 has past a few years ago. XD Kidding, kidding. I've always had a special place in my heart for Felicity, although Samantha was the first doll I fell in love with... I am going to see if she is a possibility this summer.

    It is really tough to wait, especially if you'd like to buy a doll right now but have to wait a year!

  7. I think you should get Isabelle because she'll be retired next year, and you can buy the other dolls anytime.
    But I don't think I'll be getting her, because I have my eyes on MAG #55 and Julie Allbright.
    When picking a doll, make a list of pros and cons. Whoever has the most cons is probably the doll you should get!
    I hope this advice helps!

  8. Eunice~ Great advice! I actually made one of those lists when I was deciding whether to get Caroline or Mckenna.... I ended up getting Saige. XD

  9. Get isabelle or Mia.

  10. This is a hard one!
    I'd say maybe not Mia, as she has layered hair. Melody has layered hair, and believe me, it is a PEST! You can't really braid it properly without all the ends slipping out! I'd say get Izzy first, because she's only available for one year. Then maybe get another doll with the money your dad gives you. I'd personally choose Rebecca, but I also love MYAG 30 as well, she's so cute!
    Hope this helps a little.

  11. Probably Isabelle first because she's only in for a year. :( Then get when your dad gives you the money, put all the names of the dolls that you want to get in a jar and pick which doll your going to get. :) Make sure to check out my blog at dreamdressandplay.blogspot.cm

  12. Oh my word! I JUST bought #30 this month! I love her sooo much! She's so pretty! And extremely photogenic! I was thinking about getting Isabelle but to me she just looks like a average doll.


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