January 1, 2014

Bittersweet goodbyes.

Last year, just around this time. I was at the American Girl Place. I had a Saige doll in my hands, along with two of her outfits. I was stunned by her beauty.

  In six days last year, I will have my one year anniversary.

  This year has been amazing.

  It's true, I've had troubles. I haven't done everything that I wanted to. But I started a blog. I joined a symphony. I made friends, and I lost friends.

  It's sad to say goodbye to a year that I held so dearly, but our time was given to us for a reason: We are meant to learn and grow. I did a lot of that this year.

  Getting a new doll? That wasn't what stood out in my mind. All the memories that I made with her are what I hold dear. Someday I'll grow up, and maybe I won't enjoy dolls anymore.

  But I will remember everything about my childhood, and I'll hold it dear.

Thank you, Saige, for the memories we've made.

  But more importantly: Thank you, God, for this year.

It's been amazing.

My personal favorite!


  1. I love your photoshoot with Sagie, she is so photogenic. 2013 seemed to be a good year all around, in AG and otherwise. Happy early blogiversary!

  2. I LOVE your photos of Saige! As Juliet said, she is REALLY photogenic! I loved Saige and really wanted her, but didn't have enough money on time, and I thought she was pretty much a repeat of Nicki, with her love of horses, and almost the same doll and all.

    Happy blogiversary!!

    I love your blog sooooo much, and I'm really glad you're posting so often again!

  3. Juliet~ Thank you so much for the compliment! It was very sweet of you.

    Jessica~ One of the reasons that I got Saige was BECAUSE she was so like Nicki, because I wasn't collecting when Nicki was GOTY but I have always loved her. XD Thanks so much!


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