January 15, 2014

Ever After High dolls

I have never been a fan of Ever After High's slightly darker cousin, Monster High ( no offense to anyone who enjoys this doll brand... it's just not my "type" of doll)... I was really crazy about Ever After High, either, although it is a very creative idea. The characters are each the next generation of a legendary fairytale protagonist:

L to R: Briar Beauty (daughter of Sleeping Beauty), Apple White (daughter of Snow White), Raven (daughter of the Evil Queen), and Madeline Hatter (Daughter of the Mad Hatter)

The girls can either live in the "destinies" set out for them (therefore, Raven is evil, Apple White is good) or rebel and write their own stories.

  The four primary dolls were also released in a Legacy Day wave, a dolled up (thumbs up for the pun! XD) version of the originals, as well as a Getting Fairest wave, which features the dolls with different outfits and beauty accessories.

  Out of the first wave of dolls, the only one who really appealed to me was Madeline Hatter (the first name, "Mad"eline XD might've drawn me in, but I think it was that hair). I liked Raven because of what I'd heard about her personality, but she looks a bit too edgy for me.

  What got moi a bit more interested in these dolls was the second wave of characters. Mattel released three more of the dolls earlier this week.

  Blondie Lockes, the daughter of Goldie Locks, almost appealed to me... I love the skirt detail.

Cherise Hood (daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf) was probably the most popular release... I myself have no interest in her.

Surprisingly, though, I really like C.A. Cupid, daughter of Eros! I read the Toy Box Philosopher review on this doll... she really catches my eye with that sweet face. Who knows, I might get her.

  I'm excited because it looks like Captain Hook has a daughter... that sounds like such a fun doll! Anyways, are you interested in EAH?


  1. I think the Ever After High dolls are really cute but I'm not sure if I'll buy any of them. Probably not unless they come up with someone really cute. The daughter of Captain Hook sounds interesting.


  2. I always love to hear about other dolls, even through I don't get them. I've learned to stick with AG ;) The Hatter is amazing, did you know he was never called "The Mad Hatter", only Hatter and Hatta? <3 him. I also like Cupid, but Cherise has an interesting presentation- almost redundant of the MH Cupid. A darker, different look I love :) Eh, I listen to Nickleback instead of 1D, what can you expect? I march to beat of a different accordion.

  3. I really want Cerise! But then if I got her then I would need to ( would really want:) get a couple others like Madeline hatter, Blondie lockes, Briar beauty and maybe a few others (and when I say a few I mean almost all of them :)


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