November 26, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things! *snowflakes that stay on my nose, etc*

My sister has been getting on me recently, telling me to post more, and the fact is that she's right. :P So, with her as an "accountability partner", I'm going to try to post once a week.

Here is a small list of blogs and Youtube channels that I have been obsessed with recently. (Okay obsessed is harsh)
 Studio C- Okay, so this isn't doll related, but these videos are seriously addicting. They're comedy sketches and are hilarious beyond compare.

The Salty Breeze

The Saltys (renamed the Salty Breeze)- This is one of my all-time favorite doll blogs. The three sisters: Chrissa, Elizabeth and Georgia, all super unique and super awesome!

Down By the Willows- Adelaide is my sister, and who can pass up some advertisement? ;) Anyways, Addy's blog is supah cool and she's the poet-introvert-super cool-tumblrlike type. This picture above is one that I stole from her Pinterest. :)
Dreaming in color's avatar

AGsmiless- Alexis of AGsmiless is a very talented AGTuber! She makes a series called Aspen Heights with her dolls that is *awesome*! Even Addy thinks that it's okay, and she despises dolls. XD  (Obviously this is not the best picture but I couldn't find anything else)

Now I'm exhausted... XD So enjoy!



  1. *CRIES*

    sometimes I dream about studio c. <3

    Plus I love that description of's perfect.


  2. I think I watched one Studio C video a long time ago, like one about food or something? I don't even remember, except for the fact that it was really funny and I had to go somewhere and I did not want to leave my seat. :) Definitely going to check out some more of those. I also want to check out your sister's blog, it looks really interesting :) Looking forward to your posts <3


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