April 15, 2013

Bloggers who I aspire to be like.

A new feature! Every week, I will post about one blogger who has either impacted me in some way or helped me in my journey so far. And I have to start with first things first.

I was not "into" dolls when I was younger, although I wish I had been. I got my first doll in 2010, Elizabeth, to be exact. I really liked her and would play with her frequently, but there was a period when I would just leave her on my bed, collecting dust. But that only lasted about a month. :) Then I was back into dolls again, and I got another one. That was around the time I found Doll Diaries. I found it while searching for news about the GOTY 2012, and after that, I started watching for more posts. Doll Diaries is my favorite site, and it was the one who really inspired me to blog. Thanks, DD.

Also, I think that I am going to attempt designing my blog. I really love the design that I have right now, but I'd like to try it and see how it goes. If you have any tips for me in my dangerous journey, please let me know ASAP. *worried look* ;)


  1. DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT mess with HTML your else your blog will be messed up if you dont know what your doing.

  2. I just adore this blog,and ur new nice posts. This is a great idea,I am sure Doll Diaries And American Girl Fan has played a important role as inspirations to all bloggers at sometime :D :D



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