April 4, 2013

My new doll.

Well, I got some guesses about my new doll.... and the lovely AmericanGirl1972 guessed right! I got the H4H girl Consuelo. Basically I was just walking through Target and came upon the doll isle. They had Consuelo and Zelia there, but a friend helped me decide on Consuelo. They're only $25 dollars, which is $85 less than American Girl. They are 14" tall and have gorgeous quality rooted hair. Their bodies are full vinyl, and they have glass eyes that don't open and close. I personally think that they are great quality for this price. Anyways, enough talking about it. Here is Consuelo!

What a cutie! 
Consuelo is so photogenic! Her head tilts at different angles and she looks different in almost every photo! 

Her hair is so silky, and you can see how shiny it is in this picture.
This isn't even a fourth of the pictures I took of her... but I better not overload the camera too much. :)


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