April 6, 2013


I've posted a few surveys about what to get with my next American Girl order... but I still can't decide! I think I'm going to order today, because I really need the Sparkly Hair Pick for Saige's hair lest it fall into disorder. :)

I really love Caroline's Work Dress and Her Travel Outfit....

I would want the bonnet and coat with this too... but I just love the print and color!

Soooo cute!

I also really like this. The colors and that vest are really cute and would be something I would wear... if I lived in 1854. :)

I really like all the clothes that Josefina has.

If I were to go with modern, I think that I'm going to get Saige's Parade Outfit with the Helmet and Hat... maybe without.

I really like the colors of this, and the hats are cute. LOVE THOSE BOOTS!

So I'm still stuck in a jam but I'm going to order soon... so I guess that I'll have to make a decision sometime!

Also, this is Wilde Imagination's 5th Annual Ellowyne Poetry contest, which means you could win an Ellowyne doll! I don't know if I'm going to enter, because I don't really like fashion dolls and they seem a bit too gothic to me... but I do think that this one is cute:
Click here to view larger image

Are you going to enter? And which outfit do you think that I should get?



  1. I think you should get Caroline's work dress or Saige's Parade outfit :) :) Nope,I am not gonna enter,I am not good at poetry at all :p


  2. I think you should get the Parade outfit because knowing how popular Saige is, it may be sold out/back ordered by your next purchase. Plus, I recently went to AGPDC and saw it in person, and it's very good quality.

  3. I think that you should get Saiges parade outfit because you can mix and match the pieces, which is always good!


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