April 25, 2013

Well lookie there!

Hey, I got awarded again! Emma at throughtheeyesofadoll.blogspot.com awarded me with this...

Wait one little minute.... didn't I already fill this out? Yes, and the thing is, I nominated her for this award.... but she'd already filled it out! Ah well, it just goes in a big cycle. :)

I did get a different award, though!

Sanks to Dollygirl from dollygirlstreasures.blogspot.com!

1. If you could create any American Girl doll, what would she look like, and what would her name be?

Hmmm dee hmmm... I think that I would give her crimped blonde hair, freckles, and green eyes. 

2. What American Girl dolls do you have?

I have Elizabeth, Marie Grace and Saige.... contemplating getting another one. 

3. Do you have any non-AG 18 inch dolls?

No, I don't. I have a 14 inch Hearts for Hearts Consuelo doll, though. 

4. What is your absolute favorite brand of dolls?

I really love AG and Wilde Imagination. 

5. What is the next doll (AG or non-AG) that you want to get?

I would like to get either Caroline, Molly, Josefina, several MAGs, or an Ellowyne. Maybe a H4H girl. 

6. What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?

I love doing their hair, taking pictures, and playing. :) 

7. Do you have a place for your dolls, like a corner of a room, where their's beds and stuff?

A baby dressing table is mine to put on top whatever I want, so I have a handmade bunkbed and box beds on it. 

8. Would you rather use the computer/watch TV/play on your phone of electronical device/play video games or play with your dolls?

I like blogging and all, but dolls - and reading if it counts - are my favorites. 

 9. If your parents told you that you could only have one doll, what would you do?

This is kind of what happened to me... Well, not exactly because I have four :)... but they told me that they would only pay for one, I have to save up for the rest and don't get them as gifts or anything else. 

10. Have you ever found an American Girl brand item (can be anything) at a second-hand store?

No, but I do wish. 

11. Do your friends share your love for dolls?

No one in a say, fifty mile radius of me. :) Besides you guys. ;)

12. What is your favorite non-AG doll brand?

H4H or Wilde Imagination

13. Where do you get your inspiration?

Well, from my own-nessy mind. :) Other blog's photography was the only thing that I used to help better pictures. 

14. Does anyone in your family share your love for dolls?

No, they think that they are evil zombies who take away all of my money. :) 

15. Where did you get the idea to start a blog?

I started reading other doll blogs at the beginning of this year. 

I HAVE 20 FOLLOWERS! Thanks so much everyone, and I would like to award this to everyone who follows my blog! Thanks guys. 

(And P.S. I'm not dead just didn't have any internet around this week) 

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  1. Hey, Dally! I'm new to your blog! I like it though! I followed your blog and it would be great if you could follow me back at onedolloutthere.blogspot.com


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