April 13, 2013

My first doll craft

Yesterday, I was at Walmart. I saw some cute La Dee Da Dolls, though I didn't get one. They also sell the My Life As brand, which is from Madame Alexander. I didn't think that they were really great quality, but they did have a bucket of shoes, two dollars for a pair. So I bought some sandals.

They are hard plastic (not flexible at all), but I still thought they would fit on my doll. To get them on, though, I ended up using surgical shears to cut a slit in the back of the shoe. They look kind of... let's say: dorky. So this is where the craft part comes in.

What you need:
A pair of plain shoes
A small bowl
glitter and sequins
paint brush
paper towel

First, put some newpaper under the shoes. This is going to get messy. ☺
Next, squeeze some glue into the bottom of a small glass bowl.
Add the same amount of water to the bowl as you did glue.
Then, use a paint brush to mix them together into a watery white gloop. :)
Now it's time to pick your color of glitter. I decided that I was going to use silver glitter.
Okie, what I did basically was use the paintbrush to cover small sections at a time. 
 I basically just poured the whole glitter container out on the shoe... everywhere but the bottom.
Very messy! 

 Sparkly shoe! Alright, on to the next step.
I scooped some glitter off from my newspaper, then got a little glue on it. That way, I could seal the glitter enough. Make sure to tap off all of your excess glitter before you seal it. 
And you're all done! Unless, that is, you want some pops of color. Which I did. 
Enter, pink glitter! 
I sprinkled on some more glue, then sprinkled the glitter over the silver. And now.... for the last step. 

CLEAN UP! There is going to be a huge mess, and I think your parents would really appreciate it if you cleaned up. Wash your hands first, so that you don't sprinkle glitter everywhere. Also, it would be really painful if you got it in your eyes. :( Wipe the counter, rinse out the bowl and brush, and then set the shoes on a paper towel by the window.
Let them dry for twenty-four hours, at least! 

I added sequins to the part of sandals where there were flowers. ☺So cute! 

Now it's your turn! Send me pictures of your doll crafts (it doesn't have to be this one). I would love to share them! 



  1. Those are super cute! Can't wait to try them, maybe I could make duct tape toms for my dolls, then glitter them because I don't have an extra pair on hand!

  2. That sounds cool! I saw a pair of glitter toms at the store once and loved them, but they're soooo expensive. And if you have a Walmart nearby, they have tons of varieties that you can pick from, like galoshes, pink cowboy boots, rollerskates, mary janes, and soccer cleats, all 2 dollars each!

  3. Wow! Those are sparkly! And awesome! ;)

  4. I'll have to go to a Walmart soon! And the Toms with the designs are really expensive, but surprisingly I got some for Easter! They were the plain kind, but you can customize them,( I used watercolor) and they can look a lot better then the ones that already come with designs!


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