June 15, 2013

I have returned ALIVE.

I went to the AG store today, as many of you know. :) So fun! I can't tell you which store it was, but I can show you pictures of the inside!

Here's Lizzy in the car, decked out in the height of dolly style! :) It seems like I always take Elizabeth to the AG Store....

The view when you come into the store. 

The bubbly chandelier! I think almost all of the stores have at least one of these. :) 

The gorgeous Caroline in front of her parlor.... love that hair! 

Wow, that's a big balloon, Saige. Does it do anything? Uh, NO. :P 

One case of JLYs. Cute, and a lot that were on my wishlist were in there. 

 One of the new sets of doll earrings. I love those dangles! 
The Savanna dress for dolls... and girls. 

I think this tent would be a lot of fun. Camping, anyone?
Exclusive bags for both. :) 

Oh look, it's Lucy! She's much better dressed, though. 

Hey, Picasso. Don't you get tired just standing there?

A brief glimpse of Julie. 

There's that skiff. But where's the water?

You can barely see Kaya in that tepee.... or maybe it's just the glare from the glass. Do I see Rebecca's robe, too? :) 

Adorbs exclusive PJ's and that MINI COCONUT! 

I wonder if Molly and Emily are giving us their parting goodbyes yet?

Oh, well lookie here! Elizabeth photo-bombed Ivy's beetle! I wonder who would be the better driver of the two, they're both kind of young... 

Two pics of Creativi-Tees.

#49 and #17, all decked out with dogs. 

Elizabeth: "I didn't know they sold doll skateboards! 

Some more exclusives! 

Sporty girls.... I love the volleyball outfit. 

About new dolls: I'm going to leave you in suspense for a little while. Later something will come. :)


  1. Cool! Looks like you had fun! I can't wait to hear about "new dolls":O

  2. Hi Dally!!

    I can't wait to here about"New Dolls". also, I emailed you about the collab!! :) It's good news! Can't wait to see what you got at the store!!


  3. Thanks, guys!

    Yes, I decided to leave you on a cliff hanger for a bit...... a tip: Watch for something on my Youtube account!

    1. What's your YouTube? I'm Talula4ever. Sub for sub?

  4. Sorry I haven't commented in a long time! I'm so bad with cliff hangers, I think about them all day until I can't remember what 1+1 equals! XD

  5. Toygirl02~ My youtube is LongliveNarniaAG. Sorry, I don't do Sub for subs, but I will check out your channel and if I like it, I will subscribe. :) You can do the same with mine.

    AmericanGirl1972~ Sorry to cause you some thought interference.... :P At least it's summer!

  6. It's ok! Did you see ag will be releasing some new things? I'm so excited!


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