June 12, 2013

I'm dissapointed. :(

Well, I was out of town yesterday, when AG had their 50% sale. :( They had both of Mckenna's leotard sets and another one of her outfits. Bummer. :( I had really wanted those outfits, but oh well. They still have Cooper on the website, so I could get him. Oh well.... *sob sob* Anyways, if you got some of the Mckenna items, enjoy them! Some way or another I'll try to get one.

I do have some good news, though! :) I am going to the AG Store this weekend while we're travelling, and I've saved up enough for a doll! I have a bit more than enough, and now I have a...... predicament. :P

Who should I get?

~Mckenna from Ebay. She's not too expensive on Ebay, just a bit extra. :)

~Caroline from the AG Store. I love the color of her eyes and her hair.

~Josefina. I don't think she's my favorite of the group, but she does have great stories and a beautiful face. I'm afraid her hair might get frizzy....

Kaya is a really unique doll.... again I'm afraid about her hair. :P

~Molly. Usually Molly wouldn't be on my list, although I'm afraid that she might retire soon.... I don't know if I should get her or not.

~MAG #17 is really unique, and I haven't seen any bloggers who have her yet. I really think she's cute and would be my first MAG doll.

~ #49 and #55. I put them in the same slot because they look a lot alike to me, at least. :P I know they're different, but they're the same to me.

~#30 and #40. It's hard to tell the difference between these two, isn't it? I think that I like #30 better.

~#24 is pretty unique too, although the Spicy's do have her so she's pretty iconic. 4 is my favorite number, too. ;)

~#38 I kind of like......

~#56 is cute, too. I think her hair might be hard to handle.

~#53 is also cute. I really like the face mold, and she's kinda like Kenna.

Okay, I know this is a SUPER long list. I'm never going to buy all of these dolls, even if I had enough money. Some of them I only like a little, but I thought I'd give you a big choice range.


  1. Dollygirl~ I think I'm growing partial to her, too! I really love her hair.

  2. I have 19 she is just like 17 but with different eyes! 17 is a beautiful! What store are you going to?

  3. Hi! :)
    I bought the Mckenna items to re-sell again, so if you want one or two, let me know. ;) AGMarketclub@hotmail.com

    I have #53 and I LOVE her! We have half of the dolls on your wishlist. Josefina is my favorite doll out of 24 dolls, but he hair can get easily frizzy, if you take the braid out. Ours still has her original braid of two years ago.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I wouldn't get Kenna, you have Elizabeth shes pretty close to Kenna, id get 55 shes the bomb <3

  5. I'd go with Molly or McKenna.

  6. #17! I know a blogger who has her. Well, sort of, because the blogger is MyAG #17. My MyAG #17.

  7. Thanks for all the great comments!

    OurAgAdventures~ #17 is pretty, isn't she? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell you which store I'm going to... :P I can ask.

    AGMarket~ I definitely will contact you sometime about the Mckenna items! (Maybe once I save more money:P) Thanks for the offer and the dolly advice.

    Emma~ You are right about the similarities. :) Delilah wouldn't mind a twin if I got her? :)

    Nina~ Good suggestions, thanks for the input. :)

    Sparkie~ Yes, it makes sense that a blogger with the name of MyAG#17 would own the doll, though I haven't heard of her. :)

    Thanks for all the great responses! It was cool to see some new faces. :)

  8. Actually, a friend gave me Josephina for my birthday, and the doll was about four or five years old, and, surprisingly, her hair is pretty much the least frizzy of all my dolls.
    Hope this helped,

  9. Interesting note, Ella. Thanks!


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