June 19, 2013

Here we go again....

  Several things:

~ I have been working on my stopmotion for about 4 days now! It's the longest one I've made so far, but now I've run into a problem. Recording voice memos with an iPod just isn't working! Can anyone suggest a voice recording software that's free? I hope I can get it up soon.

~ I have recently been creating my doll's personalities, since they need them for AGTube stopmotions and things. Saige is the sporty one, Marie-Grace is kind of shy and into school, Elizabeth is just kind of a reliable friend, and she loves photography, and...... oops, I can't say that yet. :) The thing I'm wondering about: Should I have Elizabeth in a wheelchair or not? Maybe she could just use it sometimes.......

Thanks for letting me wonder. :P If you have any answers, please give them!


  1. I don't know, Windows has a built-in voice recorder. It's called" Sound Recorder"

  2. audacity? Or if you have the most recant and you have a mic on your computer or a webcam you can do narration's on there but heres the link for audacity

  3. Thanks for the tips, guys. :) I ended up being able to record on an iPod.... except now my stopmotion isn't saving! I've been working on this for a long time and I hope I can post it!

  4. Not sure of a good voice recording thing. But I like your blog!
    There's a giveaway at my blog:

  5. Thanks for the complement, Anna! I can't enter giveaways because I don't give out my address, but thanks for the offer!


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