June 27, 2013


Has anyone seen the great new releases at American Girl? If you read Doll Diaries, you probably have..... but she didn't show us ALL of the releases. Here are a few others.

A really cute doll hoodie!

A really cute doll cap.... I kind of wish it wasn't red...

Absolutely adorable and over-priced shoes!

For girls in track I think this would be great! I really like it (even though I'm not very tracky ☺)

And the new cuties. I think a LOT of girls will be getting the top one, the bottom one looks a lot like #39 or a long haired #57 to me.

And I just had to share my favorite outfits from the release:

What is your favorite thing from the release?

P.S. I think one or two followers asked me if I had heard about Molly and Emily retiring. I have :(. I think I am going to get Molly's Skating outfit, her polka dot dress and maybe Molly herself during the year.

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