June 25, 2013

How #46?

Well, now that I have my dear Hailee, I want to tell you the story of how I decided on something so radical (I would've never thought about getting her before)!

I got to the store with two secret options in my head. I wanted to get either Caroline or #38. I had fallen in love with #38 by watching basilmentos videos. :) So I got there, and quickly assessed that I was going to go with #38. I found some of her boxes and opened them, one at a time, to pick which one I liked the most. A few of them had messed up bangs, but overall they were gorgeous. But something was still nagging me......

She had something alike with almost every other doll in my collection.

I quickly put the boxes back and rushed to the MAG case again. I needed a doll with dark skin, and one without blue eyes (all of my other dolls already have them). I was instantly drawn to #47, who had the Sonali mold and beautiful, straight hair. So I went looking for her box under a display. There were #46 and #47 right next to each other, and they looked almost the same because their hair was tied back. Did I want super curly or straight? I grabbed #46 and high-tailed it back to the cashier. :)

I LOVE HAILEE! Her hair is too short to do anything but a ponytail or bobby pin styles, but it looks STUNNING down!


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