February 3, 2013

Wheelchair and Glasses

You've probably noticed that Lizzie Gray is in a doll wheelchair and Nicole has glasses. Well, I got the chair for Christmas and the glasses at an AG store, and they're really just for play value, but I realized something.

 Lizzie's limbs ARE actually looser than my other dolls. Her arms are pretty tight, but her legs are kind of flimsy. There is also a really big gap between her head (probably from years of brushing)..... so I guess that means that she could actually use it. :)

Okay, I'm super in love with these little glasses! Nicole the doll has nothing wrong with her eyes...... but I decided that part of her profile is she's almost blind in one eye. But these are just super cute!

Anyways, kind of a weird post........ hope you liked it still. :)

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