February 17, 2013

Missed it by this much

Anyways, sorry that I forgot to post the winners of the Guess it! I was pretty busy this weekend. Anyways, Congrats to Courtney, N, and Elizabeth Mattice!

There you go! I hope you like it. Plus, I've just recently made my first edited doll! A lot of blogs do these, and they're called Create-a-Dolls most places. But anyways, here is my first test!

It's Caroline! But anyways, I think it would be really fun to make custom dolls myself! So here are the specifics if you want to order:

1.What kind of doll? GOTY, Historical, or JLY (Ex. Julie or Mckenna)
2.If it is a JLY, What number?
3. What color of hair?
4. Eye Color?
5. Shirt or dress color
6. Accessories (Ex. Glasses, hair barrette)

And also, this is another option. You can choose an American Girl Outfit, tell me the color you want, and I'll do that too.

Here's a version of the Easy Breezy Outfit!

I'm not exactly sure how to do braces yet..... but I can do almost anything else.

Dally :)

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