February 2, 2013

A quick post about one of my favorite things!

Yes, this is a post about hair. I love my doll's hair, but each one is a bit different. I'll put them in order from my favorite to least favorite (of the dolls I own). Enjoy!

1.  Marie Grace. Wait a minute...... this picture looks barely anything like Marie Grace! Her hair is a LOT darker than that, and so are her eyes. But anyways, she has awesome hair. It comes in a fun wrap-around braid style, which is gorgeous, but when I took it out I discovered that the parts of her hair up in braids were super crimped, and the ends were bent. This really annoyed me and for a while I thought her hair was the WORST. But now, a year after I bought her, I love her! I put her hair in many braids (fishtail straightens it out the best), and now her beautiful brown hair with a little gold is a dream. It's fairly long and silky smooth. Her pin curls are getting a bit fuzzy, but they haven't unraveled like Lizzie's have. Hair: A!!!!!

2. Next is my lovely Saige. She my first doll with curly hair, and I absolutely LOVE it! I'm kind of afraid to put her hair into styles, though, because I don't have a doll hair pick and I don't want it to get frizzy or unruly! If her curls are out of order, I just twist them (as suggested by Delaney) and sometimes brush the ends. Hair rating: A!!!

3.  And last is Lizzie. I love the color of her hair, yes, but it disappoints me. Her hair is all frizzy, and her pin curls are just about gone. I would have to give her a B+. She's still a great doll, though!

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  1. My favorite part of a doll is the hair. I like them blonde and curly. My favorite doll as a kid was a blonde Barbie with beautiful curls that I love to comb and put ribbons on.

    Chris Jeffery


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