February 7, 2013

Downy Spritz

Well, Lizzie's hair has always bit a bit frizzy. A nice rhyme, isn't it? :) Anyways, I decided that I was going to give Lizzie a downy Spritz. This is like a Downy Dunk for you doll's hair, except easier. Here is a short tutorial.

Ugh. Frizzy, right? Anyways, I found this helpful post on Doll Diaries a while ago. I had done this spritz once before, but another was loooooong overdue. 

I didn't want her clothes to get anything on them, so I took them off and put her face down on a towel.
Put two tablespoons of Downy softener in a spray bottle and mix with water. You'll also need a doll hairbrush.
Make sure your bottle is on the spray option, but try to only get the hair with one spray (If you spray it more than once, the downy smell will be waaaaay to powerful).
Oh my goodness! Doesn't it look so beautiful! Also, I got some spray on my doll's arm, but it wiped off.

Looking so gorgeous in a half braid pony!

Anyways, this is totally worth it! If you don't have any Downy around the house and need to buy some, I suggest getting a travel sized bottle at a convienience store, because two tablespoons isn't a lot out of a big bottle.

Lizzie settled back in her wheelchair and ready for a lot more photography and fun!

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