February 26, 2013

In the words of Gandalf, "This is that (day)."

  Yes, this is the day. The day when I finally think I have enough money. The day leading up to future days when I will finally make a purchase. A purchase from American Girl.

  So what should I buy? Well, here is the only thing I NEED:
Sparkly Hair Pick: $6

And what I want is a different story. But I will only list the things that I am willing to spend hard-earned money on. (No dolls right now, I don't think)

1.Saige's Parade Outfit
2.Saige's Accessories
3.The Easy Breezy Outfit
4.Caroline's Work Dress
5. Caroline's Travel Outfit

So let's tally the totals and make me scared.
1. $40 without tax or shipping
2. $34 (same as above, no t or s)
3. Also $34
4. $38
5. If I got both the bonnet set and dress, it would be $58. Yikes!

So...... wait....... AHHHHHHHH! Caroline has a mystery now! I am getting that at Barnes and Noble A.S.A.P. Anyways......

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