February 3, 2013


Well, I've always watched the Super Bowl since I was young (unless something else was going on), and although I'm not a big fan of football, you have to root for SOMEBODY. And my pick is the Baltimore Ravens! Go Ray Lewis! :) My dolls wanted to get into the spirit too, of course, so I pulled some random pieces of purple onto Lizzie and Nicole, but I couldn't find anything for Saige! So I ended up putting an unfinished sewing project under her tank top. They raided the snack table and couch!

Here is Nicole and Saige with the guac and chips! :)

Lizzie Gray couldn't find any room on the TV tray, so she settled on the couch and grabbed the controllers! She won't be switching channels much, though.
It was really dark by the TV, but Saige wanted to pose with the Super Bowl screen. :)
And Saigey with the Ravens Logo.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

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