March 3, 2013

A Sparkle of Inspiration, Eh?

Yes, again, AmericanGirl1972 is quite inspiring. ☺ She just commented asking me to do a review on Saige's Sparkle Dress. And so I will. You might notice that my new photos with a post aren't up yet, and that is because I was watching more of the Two Towers. In the words of Aragorn, "Not a word."

Ah, Saige's Sparkle Dress. First let us do an overview of all the pieces, and then we shall ride on to the great verdict!

~Dress: This dress is a really fresh twist for AG. It has iron-on sparkles (That remind me of fireflies) that crawl from the bottom of the ruffled skirt to the wide shoulder on top. The dark pink cross-ties really add some dimension to the dress.

~ Shoes: Ah, the gold boots. While I'm not a big fan of the plastic heels, these tend to make your eyes pop out. Quite gold, and quite charming.

~Necklace: Phatooey. This looooong necklace looks amazing with the sweater outfit. But what's the use of a necklace that gets caught in your dress waistband? And silver and gold? The old girl scout song CLEARLY states that these are not the same. ☺ Marie Grace's gold locket, on the other hand? No reason to spit on that.

'Tis a very nice dress. In the words of Samwise, "I'm your (dress)." If it calls to you, I would get it. It looks perfect with Saige.


  1. Good review! I remember that Girl Scout song!

  2. Good review! I think I might save up my money for it! And I was wondering if maybe you could make a request page? I'd be commenting on there a lot!


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