March 4, 2013

Finally..... what we've all been waiting for.

It's Saige. You know that post a week or two? Well, if you ever have to go in for a follow up appointment at the doctor's, DON'T GO! Well, I guess you could go, but I warned you.

  So I decided not to wear my knee brace. Mom didn't know, because I would always put it on after school, but obviously the doctors could tell. When I got there, a nurse who looked a lot like my cousin Lucy handed me a hospital gown and told me they were going to take X-rays.

After that, she suspiciously went over and started talking to Nicole, who had come with me.

And then she ATTACKED ME! Well, sort of. All I know is she came in and put a cast on my leg. Why? Well, let me tell you I will always wear knee braces from now on.

 Anyways, at least I got my hand cast off. And trust me, I will wear the wrap!
Plus, mom wouldn't spend the money for crutches, and since Lizzie is gone at camp, I have to use her wheelchair. Ugh. Hopefully you won't hear from me again.

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