March 14, 2013

Well, this wasn't a long break

I decided to just post a little something before I go back into the dark shadows. :)

I'm sorry. I just had the urge. Anyways, I was contemplating this for quite a while, and now I have decided that I think I want to do this. What do you think about renaming? These names would probably be permanent, and I don't usually do this, but I thought it might be fun. So here are the options (most all out of Lord of the Rings, some from other places): And if you're worrying that I am totally consumed by LOTR, don't worry. I will snap out of this phase soon. I hope. I'm going to post one name per doll, and then I'd like to leave it open to suggestions, so here goes.

Saige as Arwen. ☺

Elizabeth as Eowyn. ☻

And Nicole...... I'm uncertain...... I'm thinking maybe Elanor (From LOTR too), but I will need suggestions.

But don't leave yet! There is a photo shoot, requested by AmericanGirl1972! These pics are from today, since it was almost like summer outside! And I decided to post almost all of them, untouched. I hope you don't get bored. :)

And also, remember that these photos might not be the best, because all I have is a Canon Powershot. :) But I still love taking them!

Oh, and P.S.: I would love your suggestions for names, just please don't feel offended if I decide to keep a name or change it to something other than you suggested. Thanks!


  1. NO! Saige is NOT an arwin! (Im not using caps and exclamation points to be mean. The just look more FUN!) SAIGE IF I WERETO RECCOMEND CHANGING HER NAME TO IS A..........
    - Annabeth
    - Julia
    - Trinity

    - Katniss
    - Sarah
    - Jessica
    - Jamie
    -Elly (pronounced L.E or Ellie)

    1. Thank you for the suggestions! And don't worry, the caps locks and exclamation points are all the more gratifying. :) I will take this into consideration!

  2. Thanks for doing the photoshoot! I think Saige looks like a Piper.


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