March 1, 2013

A ramble just for rambles' sake

It seems lately that my blog isn't very popular. Now, I'm not having a pity party here, but I would like some suggestions. What could I do that would make you more interested? Is my blog boring? Does it just need a new style?

  Also, I've been contemplating dolls. I'm probably not going to get a doll for a while since I have Saige, but it's always fun to look at dolls.  I have such a long list that it's hard to make any decisions. Some of my favorites are the originals, all the GOTYS except Lindsay, Caroline, Josefina and JLY #40. I'm actually starting to think about looking on Ebay and getting a fixer-upper or a gently used doll...... but who knows. I'd like to pay less than $110 dollars, which is pretty hard. Especially for a doll who is retired. But right now I really have the Mckenna fever, the Jess fever, and the Originals fever. Hopefully they go away before I spend a lot of money. :)

  I'm hoping to take some photos as soon as my camera is charged!

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  1. Maybe you could a review on the saige doll? I might be getting her for my birthday, and I want to know how others like her.


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