March 2, 2013

You know those movies you can't take your eyes off?

Well, I took some pictures for a post today, and I was going to put them up tonight, but then I got caught up in watching the Two Towers. So it'll have to be tomorrow. Also, Happy Birthday Nicole! (I heard from that AG had posted that it was Marie-Grace's b-day!)

I got a comment from American Girl 1972 (she has a swell blog) saying that she thought a review of Saige would be nice...... so here it is.

Saige. What a beauty. I knew from the moment that I saw her on that I wanted her.

~Her Hair: It is soooo beautiful. It is really luminous in the sunlight, and those fiery curls are to die for. I think her hair is a dream to handle, and that's coming from someone who doesn't have a hair pick! Although I would recommend having one. ☺

~ Her Face: Saige has a classic face mold, and it has a nice tan to it. She has the freckles that were used on every doll except Mia, and I think they add to this doll a lot. Her lips are a nice shade of pink and her eyes....... Well, you can tell from this picture how shiny and penetratingly blue they are.

~ Her Meet Outfit: I really love this type of knit..... I don't know what you would call it, but it has small hints of lighter thread throughout it. This dress is really simple, and yet beautiful. It really captures an arsty-cowgirl's spirit. And those boots? They work with practically anything. I know a few fashionistas who probably have 10 pairs of those boots. And the ring. "My precioussssss." In the words of Gollum. But anyways, I love this ring...... except when it falls off and I frantically run around looking for it yelling, "Lost! It's lost, precious!" ☺ I usually only put it on for photo shoots.

~Her Book: I like Saige's story line, but the illustrations in these books? First of all, there are only three, and they are all pretty weird. These only took me an hour a piece to get through, because they weren't my favorites.

I would suggest Saige to anyone in a heart beat. Get this photogenic doll before she's gone or you'll be frantically looking at $200 Ebay listings next year saying, "She's gone, precious! Gone!"

Anyways, you can probably tell that my brain is saturated with LOTR. But I hope you enjoyed the review.


  1. Cool! I'm getting "my precious" (Saige) soon!

  2. LOL! I read The Hobbit for school last year and now for school (I'm homeschooled) I'm reading the first LOTR book!!!!! I hope to get "my precious" (Molly) for my birthday in May! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the review! And I'm glad that you like my blog also!

  4. Nina: You won't regret spending $110 dollars!
    Dollygirl: I'm on the 3rd book right now, they're so good! :) I am thinking about getting Molly before she's gone, too.
    AmericanGirl1972: Thanks for suggesting something! I hope you keep posting. :)

  5. I saw on you're collab blog that you got Saiges sparkle dress! You are really good at reviews, so do you think you could review her dress? You can probably tell that I LOVE Saige! :)


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