January 31, 2013

He. He. He.

Oops! Sorry about the huge lull in posting. I got my brand new bunk bed into the doll's room, and I also made a cool upcycled (I got the idea from Doll Diaries) storage box for Saige's clothes! I had pictures of these things, too, but the camera is now lost. *Sigh* In other corners of my doll world, I have been debating getting a new doll. Now, I just got Saige a month ago tomorrow, and I am still very content with her and my other dolls! I'm just thinking ahead. :) I've been beating myself up because I didn't get Mckenna, and this year would probably be my last before she is out of my price range on the secondary market. I'm also really in love with Caroline, Josefina, and Chrissa. *Sighs again*

Well, anyways, hopefully the camera is found SOON!

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