January 15, 2013

Words to the Bubbles

Here's a Caption That Picture!

Tell me what Nicole, Saige and Lizzie Gray are saying by Tuesday the 22nd. I'll pick my favorite on this time, but later we'll have polls!



  1. Saige: Oh, Nicole, this is the PEREFECT color for you!!!
    Nicole: Really???
    Lizzy Gray: Oh, Nicole, it is so cool!!!
    Nicole: Guys??
    Saige: Purple is so dreamy!!!
    Lizzy Gray: Totally!!!
    Nicole: Er-
    Saige: Sooo pretty.....
    Lizzy Gray: I'm speechless.
    Nicole: Y'all-
    Saige: Oh, I love purple.
    Lizzy Gray: So do I...
    Nicole: GUYS!!!
    Saige and Lizzy Gray: What???
    Nicole: I can't see! This hat is too big!!!!

  2. Oh, I spelled Lizzie Gray's name wrong!!! Sorry!!!!

  3. Nicole: Ummm.... Can I have some help? I'm stuck in a hat!
    Lizzie Gray and Saige: *walking away*
    Nicole: Hey! Where are you going!
    Lizzie Gray: Want some lemonade?
    Nicole: OOHH! Lemonade! *runs to get lemonade and crashing into the wall*
    Saige: Our work is done. *they both back out mysteriously*

  4. Nicole: Oh hi Sai-
    Saige: HI-YA!
    Nicole: Um hiya...
    *Saige throws hat on Nicole*
    Saige: No, this kind of hi-ya!
    Lizzie Gray: Hi five girlfriend!


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