January 25, 2013

Throwback Friday

I really enjoy Throwback Thursdays at Doll Diaries, so I decided to do my own (except it's a day late so I'm calling it Throwback Friday).  This week I'm going to show you the piece's of Elizabeth's collection I picked up the year she was retired.

L to R we have Lucy (not my doll) in Elizabeth's Tea Lesson outfit, Nicole in Elizabeth's Holiday Gown, Lizzie Gray in her meet outfit with accessories, and Saige in Elizabeth's Riding outfit. I missed out on Elizabeth's Cloak (which was my favorite :( ), her Nightgown and her Summer outift (It was only for a limited time in '06, I think). But I'm blessed to have the collection I do!

 First let's start with Elizabeth's Meet Outfit.
This is a GORGEOUS pink dress with so much detail! It's one of my favorites. The day I got Lizzie, I took out her hair and unfortunately someone threw away her box that had her hair ribbon in it. Oh well. She also had a shift (like a thin nightgown) underneath, but that disappeared after we stayed at a hotel and went to the AG Place. Again, oh well. She has cute little shoes with bows on them, as well as cotton socks. I love that she comes with her ears pierced!

Her accessories came with a little lace "pinner cap" (which falls off because it doesn't actually have a "pin"), a pretty cheap plastic fan, one pair of earring studs, two earring dangles and a pearl necklace. They add to the outfit a lot.

 Next is Elizabeth's Holiday Gown!

I absolutely LOVE this dress! The material is so soft and there is great detail! 
Now I said I loved the dress. But what about the shoes? If you ask me, they look like Aladdin's. There's also the bow  headband, which is OKAY, and a gold choker (I forgot to put it in the pic!) which is kinda tacky.

Elizbeth's Riding Outfit:

Totally Adollable! If you look close enough, you'll see that Saige is wearing Nicole's meet boots. That's because this outfit doesn't have any shoes at all! But it has three layers and a hat, so it makes up for it :).
 And last, Lizzie's Tea Lesson Outfit.
This is super cute and comes with a hat, slippers and the white little "shawl".

I hope you enjoyed this post, and here's a Caption this photo to mull over!

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  1. cuteness. i have elizabeth but i got her when i was 5 and she got messed up. im saving up to send her to the doll hospital


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