January 9, 2013

A hairstyle tutorial

Finally!  I got the pictures taken, and here it is.

Hairstyle: Saige's meet style.

What you will need:
A clear elastic
a hair pick (only if your doll's hair is super frizzy)
a hair clip (optional)

So all you really need is a hair tie. This style is super simple! 

Step One: Separate your doll's hair into two even sections. 

Step Two: Twist the left section of your doll's hair.
 Make sure not to cover up your doll's ear or the style won't look quite right. 
Step Three: Have someone hold the left strand, and then twist the right strand. 
Step Four: This is the step that will make or break your hairstyle..... okay, I'm being a little dramatic, but this step is important to get the style to look right. Take the left strand and put it UNDER the right strand.
Step Five: Then take the right strand ( the one that's underneath) and twist it around to the left as much as you can. It will look different from the finished product (Longer and twisted tighter), but that's a good thing because when you tie it off it will loosen. 
Put a clear elastic around the tips and wrap it around at least twice. And there you have it! If you want to, you can add a sparkly clip or another accessory! Have fun with it. 
I love how just her dress and eyes are colored in this picture!

Sorry that this is so late and the photos are blurry... I was in a rush because my battery was running on low! I hope you enjoyed this! 

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