January 10, 2013

Let's Get this Party Started!

Well, the title doesn't really fit the post, but I needed something catchy. :)

I figured that even though I started this blog after Christmas, I could still share what I got American Girl wise. I asked for Mckenna, and I didn't her or any other dolls, but I did get enough money for a doll, almost two (I got Saige)! Here's the other dollie stuff I got:

I kind of messed around with the effects on Picassa.... I wanted a vintage look. So I got Caroline's coat, Fancy Ice Skates, the Dog Sled, the Snowy Party outift, Cecile's Summer Outfit, and the doll wheelchair. I loved all of them, and I was more than happy to wait a few days and then get to buy Saige and two of her outfits! I'm going to post reviews on both the wheelchair and the dog sled soon. 

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